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  1. why do I have gfx0 and not IGPU, have patched in clover. is this the reason why no 2 displays?
  2. can you read this? Documento1.txt
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    Dual Display Mojave HD530

    installed all I now know. can get the computer to know both monitors are there while booting. both go black and eventually go to sleep. if I switch monitor two off and turn monitor 1 on and off the login appears on monitor one. any ideas? Macintosh’s iMac.ioreg config 2.plist
  4. sip disable on Mojave to install agdpfix.3 -help tried to install agpdfix3 and these were the answers recieved I do not have a recovery partition.
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    done it. going for dual monitor now
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    hey trying to change my smbios for agdpfix3 to function. please see the picture, am I correct in saying this is mixed? Step 3Fix Apple's Graphics Display Policy :Run the App(v.1.3) at the bottom of Post #1 here : Credit Shilohh Black Screen with MacPro 6,1 or iMac 15 or iMac 17 System Definition This will allow a picture to be displayed on your secondary monitor if a framebuffer connector edit is not required. used this method in high Sierra same machine i3 6100 hd530
  7. Thanks a lot, this idea and access made me be able to get it working. EFImounter saved the situation, now all I need is dual display and Mojave complete
  8. Dual Display Mojave HD530 trying to get it to function, anybody manage to yet? 2 display ports out hp 800 G2, one works with hdmi adapter for 32 inch tv, second hp 23 inch DisplayPort no image the guide requirements: Boot each monitor individually knowing that each connected port can get to the desktop.? high Sierra yes, Mojave only dp1 goes to desktop this is not working! second DisplayPort no login configured Bootloader for dual display. I think something now in the Mojave. maybe a kext missing or apple display patch, port 5 is dp 1[hdmi], port 6 is dp2
  9. switched other drives off. managed to boot now from ssd, after some work. but only loads if I choose origin in the config. the config file does not boot edited the config file as origin, now it boots from ssd, no graphics inject, and boot with full acceleration on HD530 skl, trying to add a second monitor, added the kext patch in config, does it work without selection of intel graphics selection in config. I remember using lilu and agdp fix, worked on high Sierra. something else in efi, in kext I only have other folder nothing else
  10. yes the efi I mounted is empty what do I do?
  11. what can I do? disk0 and disk3 are the same one
  12. when I press boot option and boot from the ssd nothing happens, all dark, with high Sierra had it was as boot disk when I selected the ssd it would boot, now installed latest clover to that drive ssd and nothing, did not want to take the pc apart to disconnect disks if I could make the ssd to boot would add second monitor, did it for high Sierra, lol did it all but now it seem more puzzled
  13. thanks, seems correct to me, don't know much but that is how I installed Mojave over high Sierra, all apps office photoshop etc all is there with the install. all disks where present even backup disk, full acceleration for hd530 too
  14. as you can see I cannot mount mojaveosx ssd no option, have a preeboot partition that does not show when pc is turned on, I think the would help
  15. tried this efi with the clover no go, with pen it boots the same, somehow I think that clover is not installed on ssd, although I did instal it there. I am almost sure if I remove the efi it still boots, going to try