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  1. A Additional instruction on how to upgrade a DEll D600 from 10.5.6 to 10.5.8. After some time I have the system of a friend of mine up and running. I used the tutorial as on the first page but also got the system up to date. First installation was done according to the tutorial of "Soren121" thanks for that one. Than I did only the combo update to 10.5.8 in he update screen. After the restart I started again with the DVD and selected all the items as in the installation instruction of "Soren121". A re-start with -v -f then installed the two additional kexts and a used OSX86 tools. done a restart again with -v -f then did a full update of all additional software and the system is up and running. Great.
  2. Hi Alexylee and "itdoesnotwork", I still have mine Asrock ION 330 running on 10.6.4. All seems to work with the exception of sleep but I do not use that. Now I have connected my HD tv to the Asrock and like to play via plex movies. 720 p it does nice 1080p not so. Does one of you has the hdmi audio to work? The optical Audio does work for me but goes to my receiver and I dont want to switch that one on every time I watch something from the asrock. For sure it is something in the DSDT,aml file that needs to be changed if I only knew what :wink2: I look forward to get your intel. thanks,
  3. Have it working again. For some reason I needed a older version of Cameleon. This was on the system so all went well it is up and running now. thanks,
  4. Hi all, I have 2 Asrock ION330 Pro units. Both of them where running SL 10.6.4. perfectly. Now one of them got a update and does not run any more. As the other one does still run I make a Carbone Copy Clone of the HDD to a external drive and like to restore this CCC to the one that does not run any more. The running one has Cameleon on it do it have to re-install Cameroen on the CCC drive first or should it start normal. It should be a clone? When I install Cameleon on the Clone does this over write previous settings? Can one of you please help me with this as I like to have them both up and running. thanks,
  5. Teateam, Hoe is it possible to run a combo update and do before the restart restore the kexts? I normally download and install your new kernel as match_kernel_106x so I have all the kernels in the root with the version extension. In the plist file I revere to the right kernel version. I hope to update from 10.6.4. to 10.6.6 once I know the update to 10.6.5. will work. thanks, you are doing a great job.
  6. Hi All, Has some one made the update/grade to 10.6.5. or even 10.6.6. on a Asrock ION330Pro? The last time I did a upgrade to 10.6.5. it went wrong. So if some has a good guide to use please share. thanks,
  7. Alexylee, thanks for the heads up. I had the problem some weeks ago and was in the lucky situation that I have two identical systems so I could make a CCC from system 1 and restore it to system 2. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...7020&st=258 When I look at the above link it states that it should be possible to upgrade to 10.6.5 When somebody has good results with 10.6.5 and the Asrock please let me know.
  8. I'm running the 10.6.4. with HT. like a charm I see now that the 10.6.5 is out. What do I need to download and update before updating to 10.6.5. Or will the update with the new pached Kernel do the trick? My system is a Asrock Ion330 Pro the new version with bios 1.20 Thanks in advance
  9. I belive I have used the 4out2in HDA. I have ussed them all to see what did work if I'm correct it was this one. Do you have your audio on the HDMI working?
  10. Sorry I did a type-o I can only confirm that it does 6.1 as my Yamaha amp is 6.1. I use your drivers with your DSDT file. Not yet used a remote control this is the next I will go for. Probabaly the standard Mac remote and also a Ipad with some remote app for controlling iTunes. Then the TV does not have to be on to select the right songs.
  11. The sleep does work as weel so shutdown and sleep work. But how do you re-wake the system from sleep Below is how I did it. I'm sorry but I can not find the time do to a full and nice install instruction so this is the cut and past dirty one. The system I have is the ION330 Pro with bios version 1.10 now it has been updated to 1.20. Set the bios setting to what janco1999 has done on the fist page of the attached link. http://www.hackint0sh.org/f152/110230.htm I used Iportable on a USB drive. After Iportable runs I installed the retail OSX 10.6 DVD in the disk drive and did the installation on the HD of the ION330. After the installation I installed the cameleon bootloader. Now restart the system. If correct all items should run. Install the DTST of alexyle in the extra folder. follow the update instructions of the attached link. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197020 I have mine running at 10.6.4. with hyper treading on it has optical 7.1 audio internet, USB, eSata, VGA and HDMI (also at the same time) power down. I use the system for PLEX and can do HD 720p and 1080p. I hope this does help. Good luck.
  12. I confirm that it works. Shotdown is no OK as well. Also the USB 2.0 is working. great up for the next think. Does this system also does S3 or S4 in SL as it does in Windows? Sleep does the blinking power button but at a keyboard action I have a restart(re-boot)
  13. Alexylee, Can you post your Bios settings and kext list. I think you and I have the same system both ION330Pro with bios 1.10. thanks
  14. xameleon, I do not really know what you mean, where do I have to set this? What does "try to change the ACPI from bios" mean? As I have a ION330Pro I have bios 1.10, below you find my ACPI settings in my Bios. Bios settings: Suspend to RAM = Auto Check Ready Bir = Enabled Restore on AC/Power loss = Power Off Onboard LAN Power on = Disabled RTC Alaram Power On = Disabled ACPI HPET table = Enabled thanks
  15. I have checked and put the missing kext in the extra folder with kext helper but still no result. This is the last bit that really is frustrating. I will post the link shortly of my installation instruction. Did any of you change something in the BIOS of the Asrock with regards to the power? Also when it goos to sleep how do you awake it?