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  1. Anyway, in reply, when i did this on my 10.5.6 ipc install, it didn't work. followed all the steps. Still hangs on mounting simple dmgs. hangs with friendly "black screen of death" Any suggestions??
  2. sethtc

    Can't tap on my touchpad :(

    Hey search for touchpad.prefpane help to get tapping. Worked on my gateway MT6705. It's somewhere in the forums here or over at www infinitemac com Something about like this: backup original touchpad.prefpane located in: /system/Library/PreferencePanes when you have that backed up nice and safely, open up textedit in root mode using sudo command in terminal open up the info.plist file inside the contents of the touchpad.prefpane file, and edit out the next two lines of code: <key>vendor id</key> <string>(somenumber)</string> It's somethign close to that. well, after a restart, Pow! i've got my settings in the sys preferences. then just activate tap-clicking with the normal options for that. hope this helps you and guides you to the REAL post that was acurate about this topic. Best of luck
  3. sethtc

    HOW TO: sigmatel 9250 audio :TUTORIAL

    Worked awesome for me. Gateway MT6705 Thanks a lot now to fix wifi and ethernet.... and SD reader
  4. sethtc

    A Fix for GMA950 Dell laptops

    GREAT! I'm running a iDeneb install 10.5.5 and had a TERRIBLE flickering screen problem on this Gateway MT6705. SO bad that i almost flopped into epileptic seizures while trying to troubleshoot. Any way, your GMA fix pkg worked wonders. The laptop did not boot after install of that--it just stops at the apple screen the little grey pinwheel stops turning. SO i rebooted with option -x safe boot, and it boots to a LOVELY solid screen....... but now what? i don't want to boot all the time into safe boot, i want a normal computer, and i'm sure someone else could benefit from knowing this too. So now what? hehe. Edit 1: So, i booted in verbose mode -v. And can see the errors that i am getting on a normal boot: sandbox_init error Could not set Mach Lookup policy Err=1100 for all the following files: com.apple.bsd.dirhelper com.apple.distributed_notifications.2 com.apple.ocspd com.apple.mDNSResponderHelper com.apple.SecurityServer com.apple.SystemConfiguration.configd Edit 2: {censored}. I repaired disk permissions in safe boot, did a lot of repairing of gma950 kexts and such, including the newest AppleFrameBuffer file that i dropped in. Well, i verbose restart, still have the errors in edit 1, but it actually boots to login now, and i can log in. but the FLICKER is back with an evil vengeance and i can't work on this thing! please help!! Edit 3: um, weird solution here. I installed OVER the ideneb install with a fresh copy of iPC. Then i went to sleep, evidently, the install was interrupted half way, cause when i woke up in the morning, the laptop was just off. When i turned on the laptop i just booted from the hard drive (forgot the install might need to have use accounts setup and what not), well if booted with new ipc boot screen and made it to the SAME user account as i had on ideneb (this is when i realized something was wrong). so i logged in, and it all works fine, no screen problems, all resolutions available, and no flicker! just i realized shortly though, that my user account was not admin.... and i had no admin access or control. To fix this i just rebooted to the install (ipc) cd and i did password reset using the utility. I rebooted and then gave administrative rights to my account, then logged into my main account. now everything seems great. Now on to audio fix and search for SD reader fix, and Ethernet and wifi. it will be a complete computer.... soon.....i hope this helps someone. oh yeah, and just for kicks, ai did a verbose boot, and no more of the errors mentioned in edit 1. (but you should have expected that.)