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  1. OK real quick question for you folks using CLOVER. I ran into a little problem so I though I would discuss before trying again. I downloaded it, installed it to a formatted fat32 USB stick using the BIOS install type setup, and then was able to boot from it off the USB stick no problem. The stick showed my main Lifehacker 10.6.8 SL drive, my Win 7 drive, and my backup Lifehacker 10.6.8 SL USB drive (vanilla working system). All seemed good until I tried to boot my main drive. It crashed somewhere during the fsck (not sure what was wrong with my file system exactly except there was an errant AverMedia file in /Library/LaunchDaemons/. In any event the boot froze, and then when I restarted my install was hosed - it had somehow wiped out my BIOS setting (it took me a frantic few minutes to realize this, lol - and I had to re-do my bios per the LH instructions and then all was well again. Have not tried again, b/c I thought I'd ask here first about what exact setting you guys used on your Clover installs (which check boxes you used), and also if either of you have experienced such a crash when you tried to run clover. My though is to re-try the current install of clover on my USB with my main drive unplugged and just see if I can boot the vanilla SL install and/or windows disks. Also I had another question...once you get 10.8 installed, did you install clover to your main drive to bootload from it? Do do you need to? Can you just go back to another bootloader you like, like Chameleon or Chimera? My plan is to install 10.8 via clover to a newly formatted drive, then just copy over my files and such once the system is up and running. Then superdup the working 10.8 onto my backup drive, and leave my old 10.6.8 intact ...just in case. Your thoughts and advice on this would be appreciated.
  2. Nice! I have an extra 650gb SATA disk laying around so I think I will buy Mtn Lion on my Mini and then try this in the next week or so. Would be a nice way to stay current without having to invest in further hardware b/c to be honest my demands are not so great that my E8400 can't handle it. I may bug you D-an-W if I run into any problems, but given it'll be on a test drive I'm hoping I can sort it out via trial and error. sirlou
  3. Wow! I had not checked this thread for ages, and came back on a whim (mostly b/c my old SL hack is feeling kinda sluggish lately) and lo and behold there are major developments! So, just so I understand, you guys installed CLOVER (per the instructions posted) and then were able to install Mtn Lion from the straight Apple installer, and then just patch audio (as with 10.6.8?, or how) and install the listed RealtekRTL81xx.kext, and viola? That sounds liek a dream come true. sirlou
  4. D'oh! Guess I didn't read that clearly enough. Thanks for pointing that out to me, glad I an skip that step as it seemed more involved, and thus created more room for error. But it got me looking and your post (and others) got me thinking about my bootloader situation. I looked and realized I am using RC3, which is what must have come with the Stella v.3 installer. So I looked into how I go about upgrading to RC5, and I found this info on the tonymac site: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/02/cha...-installer.html He includes an OS X installer and everything to make it easy. Just wondering if anyone has tried this out on our systems, before I take the plunge. thanks!
  5. So the Tonymac install method relies on you having the latest Chimera Bootloader from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Is that something you install as part of this install method, b/c obviously most of us I'd think are using Chameleon RC4 or RC as our bootloader. So just wondering about that and replacing it etc.
  6. Can I ask, when you say that sleep resets BIOS, do you mean that putting your system into sleep results in the system not working when it wakes from sleep OR does that mean when you restart you'd have to reset the BIOS each time to get it to work, like we originally set them up. That would be a pain! Have you tried it with the vanilla Gigabyte BIOS, I'm really curious. Also, what version of Chameleon are you using now? I pretty sure I've never upgraded my Chameleon version since the original install - is there a version I should be upgrading to? If I can upgrade to Lion my hobby will live on thanks!!
  7. True, true, HDDs are cheap and in fact I have a spare 650gb and 500gb lying around along with the 1TB NAS I have attached to the LH build PC. The reason I'd consider ditching OS X is b/c I enjoy using the latest/greatest version of an OS, and there is no "killer app" for me that makes me HAVE TO have a Mac, and when it comes to OS X I've lost that loving feeling. They are moving in directions that I don't like or support (iCoud, Mac App Store, my Rosetta apps now obsolete, multi-touch on desktop) and so that is why i am considering ditching this project. Just my .02
  8. I've got Win 7 on my 2nd HDD as well, just wondering if I remove the OS X HDD that has my Chameleon bootloader on it and set the Win 7 partition as Active, shouldn't the system just boot to Windows normally? So I am seriously considering ditching this project come 10.7. I'm looking for rebuttal here...what is going to make you all keep plugging away with OS X, either on this LH build or another newer build? I am very interested and look forward to your replies. Thanks!!
  9. Did you get this sorted? I have the orig. BIOS as well and experienced no problems in networking. I can't speak as to the Carti BIOS issues, but for the OG BIOS folx, some things to consider: 1. Are you using the Combo updater via download from the Apple website or updating via Software Update? I've always found the Combo Updater to be the safer option. Maybe try that instead. 2. Are you using the onboard NIC or via the card LH suggested. I'm using the card and never had any networking problems. FWIW I recall earlier in the thread that there were issues with the onboard NIC which is why LH suggests the PCI card, although I know ppl had reported their onboard worked just fine with Stella's v.3 installer. Perhaps search backwards in the thread for how that was resolved before Also, perhaps a simple PCI Card purchase will solve your networking issues. Alternately you could add a USB Wireless Adapter. I use the Belkin model recommended in the 10.6 HCL and it works perfectly in Mac OS X and Win 7. About the upcoming changes with Lion... My system is still running flawlessly in 10.6.8 and is in fact, without a doubt, the most stable "Mac" I have ever owned from the mid 1980's to present. Prolly why I am so reticent to say goodbye if we all can't get 10.7 to work on these systems. I do not want an iMac as I cannot abide not being able to upgrade and tinker (video, internal drives, etc.), I cannot afford a MacPro, and I already own a Mini which I use as an HTPC b/c it is not powerful enough for my everyday use (and again upgrading it was/is limited and a huge pain!). I cannot afford to buy and build a new rig right now. If I can't find a simple and steady way to get 10.7 to work on my LH rig I may either stick with 10.6 or just get rid of OS X and go back to Win only, as I have in the past when Apple refused to make a Mac I wanted. The LH rig is still a fine piece of computing machinery and runs Win 7 64 bit like a pro. Your thoughts...what will you do if we cannot get 10.7 to work on this rig?
  10. I hope it gets sorted after the release...which is next week right? I recently installed 10.6.7 from the Combo update d/l with no problems at all. I read 10.6.8 is going to be released ahead of Lion as well. I am really considering not switching to Lion, at least for a while, because 10.6 is working without a hitch and I am not excited at all (read: horrified) by the backward intrusion of iOS into the Mac OS. I don't own a iPad or anything with multi-touch, I find the iOS completely un-intuitive and even counter-intuitive (at least to me), and I am so not into the whole thing. What do you all think, are you gonna switch your LH build over as soon as it is sorted out? sirlou
  11. Thanks so much for the info, seems I did a knee-jerk posting without noticing that the true "Geniuses" already had me covered with a separate thread. cheers!
  12. So I've read the general media articles on Lion and I am just wondering if anyone has seen any more technical articles or links to the same that may have some relevance to installing this new version of the OS on our 10.6 Hackintosh systems. I'm running a "Lifehacker system" based on the Gigabyte EP45-UD3P Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. If posted in the wrong area, my apologies in advance. sirlou
  13. Just an FYI . . . Recent OS Updates completed with no problems. Updated from 10.6.4 to 10.6.5 via Combo Update - no probs Updated from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6 via Combo Update - no probs Running App Store and downloaded Apps - no problems I am using LH exact setup (except lesser CPU), running Stella 3.0, and all is A-OK! Hope it all works well for you all! sirlou
  14. I am currently running 10.6.2 on my Lifehacker setup using Stella v.3, and I have not upgraded my OS yet, as everything is running perfectly. But I decided to bite the bullet and move to 10.6.4... I have a very simple question: Is it better to download the Combo 10.6.4 and upgrade that way OR go 10.6.3 COmbo to 10.6.4 Combo? Any thoughts? sirlou
  15. Has anyone out there tried to get an Apple Remote to work on their Lifehacker setup? I came across this surfing the topics on this site and it looks like it would work: http://twistedmelon.com/mira/ Only $31 for the USB IR Receiver and the software, but I thot I'd check before shelling out the dough. THANKS!