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  1. update oct 22 2009, 4pm sleep/speedstep work now! Thanks to all. guess i should post my findings as well. hardware: m1330, T6400, X3100 1. do not use ubuntu 9.10 beta to extract ACPI tables, the command given in this topic will produce an error 2. do not use everest under windows 7 to extract ACPI tables, only five SSDT will be extracted while there will be six if use ubuntu 9.04 liveCD 3. if you have x3100 as graphics, follow this post to avoid black screen http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...&p=1066381; discard the nvidia patch of course 4. attached is my working DSDT.aml, in case someone needs it. New update! oct 22, 2009 10am Sleep works with DSDT.aml patched from ACPI tables extracted under windows. Speed step doesn't. smbios.plist is set to macbook pro 5,1. Attached is my DSDT.aml. Anyone who could be kind enough to take a look for me? DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Thank you for ur reply! I have tried copy/paste more than 5 times, the result is the same. If it is because of bad copy/paste, how can I resolve it? My other question is, are the acpi tables extracted under linux different from those extracted under windows and could this be the reason why sleep/speedstep don't work? kernel flags: dropSSDT=Y kexts:only left voodooHDA in S/L/E and some kexts from chameleon RC3 in E/E permissions: I used kextutility to repair. In fact, I've also used diskutil but no avail. Is the command dependant on version of perl?
  3. hi guys, thanks to all on the effort. However, I received an error "No match at -e line 1, <> line 873." when extracting ACPI under ubuntu 9.10 beta installed on my harddrive. I tried both sudo and root alternatively, i've also extracted ACPI using everest under windows, then use iasl to decompile them and followed the guide to patch dsdt, but sleep / speedstep is broken. I have a m1330 with cpu t6400 and x3100 for graphics. Any help is sincerely appreciated.