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  1. This is really weird. I haven't seen any other similar posts. Installed 10.5.6 using BOOT132, 10.5.6 Retail DVD, and UInstaller on... HP xw8400, 2x2x2.6Ghz Xeon It hangs on startup just at the point when the desktop appears and the Menu icons are being loaded up. However, if I boot using the the BOOT132 disk then choose the Hard drive manually it works absolutely fine! It will boot into safe mode just fine too, without using the BOOT132 disk. Could this be a conflict between Chameleon and a system extension? Does booting off the BOOT132 disk mean loading a different version of Chameleon? I'm really stumped on this and would really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  2. Fairly new to all this but after a really successful build on another machine 2 weeks ago decided to give it a go on an HP 8400 Quad. Everything worked really really well during install with the exception of the DSDT part. Build kept on failing, tried force compile with the result of a few errors. Initially everything would work ok until the 10.5.6 update was added then the system would hang during the login stage, just at the point when the menu bar icons are being loaded up it would freeze up. Booting in Safe Mode, everything works fine. What I've discovered is that if I boot with the BOOT132 disk, by manually choosing the hard drive to boot from, everything loads up fine, system runs perfectly (with exception of Audio but I think that's to be expected on this model). If I take the disk out and let it boot normally, it freezes at the same point during login. Seems like it should be fixable. Would really appreciate some help. HP wx8400 2x 2x2.6Ghz Xeon nVidia QuadroFX1500 4GB RAM TP-LINK TG-3269/TG-3201 Ethernet Adapter Cheers!!
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    Network issues on 10.5.6

    Yes, I can confirm that. I just switched off SMB sharing on all machine s and now nothing shows up on the Hacked Mac at all so obviously AFP is broken. I wonder if there is a solution... What I did noticed is that when I briefly had 10.1 installed (I used the BOOT132 method with a Leopard 10.1 Retail DVD) all the network icons showed up correctly. After 10.6 and all the patches were applied AFP must have broken. Could it be that I didn't need additional network patches? This is the (superb) method I used for install Leopard... http://an43.com/osx/install.htm
  4. Hi, I'm very new to all this. I installed my first osx86 last week and am completely blown away with how good it is! Almost everything works as expected on a Mac with the exception of the network. My hackintosh shows up as a PC icon on my other Macs, and other Macs show up as PCs on the Hacked Mac. Network performance is just fine although connections are slow to load and not as stable as I'm used to. It's a very small price to pay for what I'm viewing as a bonus Mac. Previously I had Vista on this box and it was rarely being used. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered these network issues, and if any fixes are available? Here's my specs... Gigabyte GA-G31M-SL2 NVidia 8600GT