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    [Good Info] Acer/Compaq/Etc. WiFi Killswitch Fix

    I just want to report that taping pin 20 worked for me and I am a complete NOOB. If I can do it, anyone can. Insanelymac is a fantastic resource, I now have Acer Aspire working perfectly on 10.5.6 Thanks so much guys!
  2. I'm thinking of buying a new laptop, but before I do I want to know beforehand if there are ANY laptops out there where you can get everything working on 10.5.6, or is that an impossibility? It seems that nearly every laptop I look at has some problem with OSX86 - usually it seems to be either the wireless card or getting shutdown/restart/sleep to work. I have an Acer Aspire at the moment - and everything works except the wireless (Intel 3945 :mellow:) - I've tried putting in other wireless cards but the BIOS doesn't allow it. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated - I just wish I was rich enough to afford a Macbook Pro!