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  1. Finally got it installed and working OK it seems Gigabyte G31m-ES2L mobo w/ integrated graphics (gma3100) Intel E5200 2.5GHz Dual-Core 4gb Corsair TwinX PC6400 (800) RAM WD 500gb SATA 16mb 350w Power Supply My question is, how do I make sure that all the chipsets and what not are installed and working as they should? It's not like Windows (waht I'm used to) where we have a device manager telling us what is or is not installed. Any help is appreciated Video working at 1024x768 ONLY PS Which Video Card is recommended on a budget and willing to work with the above mentioned hardware (esp. 350w power) Thanks to this GREAT AND INFORMATIVE BOARD to help me get this installed
  2. Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    All this talk about Intel-based Studio 15's How about AMD Based? I have a Studio 1536 with AMD Turion X2 in there and an ATI 3450HD or 4350HD (I forget which now) Do I even stand a chance on trying to install? I tried Kalyway's Disc for AMD/Intel and it didn't even boot!