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  1. I previously had a near-perfect 10.5 install on my laptop, and after not using for awhile, I decided to try and install Lion. Install went okay, everything works except Onboard Graphics. I know how to fix the graphics using a DSDT patch, but the system freezes at random and I haven't been able to dump the DSDT since it crashes ~2-3 minutes after system boot. No kernel panic, no error message, the display just completely freezes and I have to hold the power button until it turns off. Does anyone here have ideas as to what might be causing this?
  2. sounds good, thanks for the help!
  3. thanks for the input, i'm definately considering the i5 as well, all depends on how much christmas money i get. will the 9000 cards work out of the box?
  4. Looking to build a new computer this xmas, and I'm a bit stymied as to what motherboard to choose. I have a lot of experience with my old crappy hardware, of which I have lots, but I've never actually built a custom PC before. Basically i'm trying to find a motherboard and graphics card (already settled on the Intel Core Duo 2 or Quad, due to relative cheapness.) So, what boards stand out, relating to OS X compatibility? Any replies are greatly appreciated.
  5. help with Intel GMA 965 (X3100) on Snowleopard

    i've got it fixed i found a method for patching the DSDT originally authored by vaag, ill post it here. Display works flawlessly now. very happy about that
  6. help with Intel GMA 965 (X3100) on Snowleopard

    I have a Dell M1330 with the same card, i have it running nicely on 10.6.2, but i have to use the "sleep-corner" trick to get it to work. Apparently, if you use a DSDT patch, you can eliminate this problem. Still working on it, I'll post here when I get it to work. (The problem, as I understand it, is that the card defaults to the CRT0 output instead of the LCD, this behavior can be changed by commenting out the CRT section in the DSDT.)
  7. Snow Leopard on M1330 from USB

    If you have an existing Leopard install, you can use disk utility to restore the SL .dmg to the usb drive, then use this attached script on the drive. then use superhai's preboot cd to boot your computer, the usb stick should pop up at the chameleon prompt. hope this helps. 2_SnowLeoInstaller.zip
  8. get_dsdt doesn't work

    Nah, actually meant my Intel GMA X3100 card (sorry for confusing you.) It doenst recognize the default display, instead defaulting to the CRT0 output (VGA). i read a post saying that this behavior can be changed by using a modified DSDT.aml file.
  9. get_dsdt doesn't work

    I use leopard, and I have been able to get my card to work by sleeping the computer after boot. But this trick doesnt seem to work for snow leopard. Natit doesn't work either.
  10. get_dsdt doesn't work

    When I use fassl's get_dsdt program, i get the following error: Failed to get DSDT. Any idea what would cause this error? Thanks in advance.
  11. XPS M1330 Sound

    i found a patched kext where internal speakers work, under 10.5.7. i previously had speakers and jack working under 10.5.4. ill link it if you want.
  12. I recently was able to install Retail Leopard (10.5.4) on my Dell XPS M1330 without much trouble, except for the fact that the keyboard doesn't work. I tried a few kexts from iAtkos 7, but probably not the right ones. The keyboard worked, but would start typing the number 7 constantly, so I couldn't really do much. I've been using a USB keyboard and mouse, but that somewhat defeats the purpose of having a laptop. Does anyone have some idea as to what kexts I should use for my keyboard and trackpad? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Issue with GMA965 (X3100?)

    thanks a lot, works great now.
  14. Issue with GMA965 (X3100?)

    I installed Leo (10.5.4) using a retail disk along with a custom loader disk, made for my machine (dell xps m1330.) when booting into the installer, the native resolution of 1280x800 was acheived, however, when using the same loader to load my installed OS, no kext is loaded for the card and i am stuck in 1024x768. I've heard things about removing the default kext and installing natit, however searching in /system/library/extensions there is no kext that resembles the name of my card, and system profiler shows "no kext loaded." Is there anyone who has had experience with this card that they wish to share with me? Thanks in advance.