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  1. Hello, I have made a simple app with two buttons on it. I have been able to set keyBoard shortcuts for both the buttons using the KeyEquivalent in IB. However, I have not been able to handle Enter Key press event on these buttons. How can I set focus on second button and get it respond to Enter Key press? How can I set tab order for the two buttons in IB? Pls suggest. Cheers McBgnr
  2. update UI from worker thread

    Thanks for the helpful reply. I have implemented performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone. However, it looks like that it works when waitUntilDone is set to YES or when using sleep(1). The selector does not get called if I use waitUntilDone = NO and dont use sleep(). Any ideas how this can be resolved?
  3. Hello, I am using NSThread to create a worker thread for a long task. However, from the main method of the worker thread, I want to Update some UI elements. How can I do this?
  4. Which is the best way to determine the names of the installed applications in Mac. One possibility is to iterate thru the applications directory, but are there other methods of doing this? Is there any file which holds the names of all installed files?
  5. Wasn't aware of the menu options. Worked like charm :-)
  6. Hello, In my application, I thought of putting a background image towards the end of UI development. This window in which I wanted to put the background image had numerous controls with references. Although adding the image object to the window is simple, but what I was not able to achieve is to put the image behind my controls. Thus this window showed only the image at runtime. Then I had to redesign this window from the scratch. This resulted in loss of references, which had to be set again. Please suggest some ways of doing this so that the rework can be avoided. McBgnr