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  1. Hello, So I've been running Leopard successfully on my Toshiba Satellite A100-0FH for some time now, but only recently did I realize that my roommate's laptop has the perfect wifi card for my install [there are currently no Intel 3945 agb drivers out for OS X]. My A100-0FH Toshiba Satellite Laptop has an Intel 3945agb Wireless Mini-Pci card in it. My room mate's laptop is a Gateway MT6452 Notebook with an RTL8187 Wireless Mini-Pci card. My room mate's allowing me to simply switch the two wireless cards. I've put the 3945agb card in the Gateway laptop, but when I try to boot - nothing happens. The fan comes on, the Hard Drive indicator light comes on; looks like it's about to start up - then it restarts. The screen doesn't even come on. The entire cycle takes roughly 8 seconds... I've gone into my bios and checked out the DMI Log. It shows the following error message: "Pre-Boot Error: CMOS Configuration Error" I've tried removing my battery and letting the laptop sit untouched overnight thinking the CMOS might reset some settings - no luck. When I switch the RTL8187 back into the Gateway Laptop, it boots perfectly. Any ideas? Thanks :3
  2. Hi all, Running Kalyway 10.5.2 on a Toshiba Satellite A100-0FH My Leopard install unexpectedly broke a few days back and all my data's still on the primary partition. I've booted my Kalyway install disk and gone into Disk Utility and tried creating an image of the partition with all my data on it and saving it to an external HD, but I get an error right after the copy is complete. The error reads: "Unable to create "disk0s2.dmg" - Input/Output error." Are there any bootable file management programs out there that'll let me simply copy my data from the partition on my internal HD to an external HD? Disk Utility appears not to have this functionality, but I can see all my data on the partition when I try saving an image of said partition to my external HD. [a browse save destination window appears, looks like a finder window] Thanks for all the help!
  3. Hi all, Just installed iAtkos v2.0i or whatever it's called and everything installs fine, apparently bootloader and all, but when I restart, the Darwin Bootloader doesn't show... OS X 10.5.2 is the only OS installed on my machine, and it'll only boot up when I boot with the install DVD... How do I set the current partition as active from within OS X? {without using XP and Diskpart}
  4. Youtube U.I. Update

    Yes, yes you are.
  5. Yea, here's a screenie: http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff303/B...ng?t=1207794761 http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff303/B...ng?t=1207795472 Go Pokemon!
  6. I think we could have done without the glare :/ But whatever
  7. Should I install the 10.5.2 kernel update as well if I don't have the vanilla kernel or efi 8.0 installed on 10.5.1? What are the perks to having the vanilla kernel or efi 8.0 installed?
  8. Yea, just putting it out there because digg wouldnt let me post it...so yea... EDIT!: Youtube.com up as of 5:57pm pacific time Changed the logo, it now has a red heart instead of a red square behind the "tube" in youtube....just in time for valentines for anyone who's saying it isn't down....well it was; you missed it
  9. He probably doesn't have the technical knowledge to provide a log, pretty self explanitory He did say that he got a kernal panic, though; I see that as significant effort from a n00b ;D
  10. Did anyone notice the tiny "There's" above the "There's" in "There's Something in the Air"?
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    what's 3409? do you mean 3945? How did you get it to work!?!? tell me *drool*
  12. Intel Wireless driver

    Can what work under Kalyway without the vanilla kernel? There are a couple of drivers for a couple of intel wireless cards. All of the drivers released, including all (most probably) to be released drivers, should work regardless of whether or not the vanilla kernel is installed. The only wireless card I know of that does not, as of yet, have a working driver under os x is the intel wireless 3945 card. So yes, all of these drivers should be able to work with Kalyway even if you are using the vanilla kernal, but don't try the Intel 3945 wireless driver because it causes a kernal panic, (aka: you wont be able to boot your computer), while all of the other drivers for the other intel cards work (all be it with some tweaking because of hardware particularities).
  13. EFI Bootloader and bootsound!

    what? Bootcamp is not the equivalent of BIOS, aren't they completely different!?!? lol
  14. Intel Wireless driver

    Hi, I tried the iwi 3945 driver pack today and it crashes everyone's install of leopard and tiger. There was a guy who wrote how to uninstall the driver to make the os x installs bootable again, but even after the drivers are removed, it still wont boot... I just reinstalled os x and I'm using the Pro/100 VE Driver now (Not wireless)...