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  1. [HOWTO] Boot Macs with Intel Chipset in AHCI Win7 Vista XP Linux

    I just wanted to thank johnsock and ludacrisvp for writing all this up on the forumn. I used the newer method, which as ludacrisvp had mentioned to me, was much easier. The autodetect didnt work, but that wasn't a problem. Now I can see and use my Blu-Ray drive that is using the ODD_SATA port. However, I have one problem. I can play DVDs and CDs through my LG GGC-H20L but when I insert either an HD DVD or a Blu-Ray, Vista says the drive is empty! I'm certain its not the drive itself, as in OS X, the disc comes up as media, I just can't play them. Can anyone help me as to how to remedy this situation and get windows vista to recognize the blu-rays and hd dvds? Thanks!
  2. [HOWTO] Boot Macs with Intel Chipset in AHCI Win7 Vista XP Linux

    @ludacrisvp... So, I'm too stuck at the find /boot/grub/stage1 command. I have a screenshot of gparted which I believe shows that I have a 200 MB partition at the beginning of the drive. Can someone please help with what the command line would be and whether my 200 MB FAT32 partition is on the beginning of the drive? Thanks!