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  1. How to uninstall MAC OS X?

    The sound and the video driver. I cannot hear sound and I cannot change my screen resolution. I have a realtek sound card and an Intel chip & Nvidia graphic card. But i'm using the Nvidia.
  2. How to uninstall MAC OS X?

    Mac cannot find drivers for my system.
  3. How to uninstall MAC OS X?

    THanks for helping me. I will try those options :censored2: @ Jeezoflip. I know it's lovely and wonderful but somehow I don't like it's features because I'm not that use to it and that it has no support drivers for my intel machine. If you can provide me with drivers for my intel hp pavillion a1140n I would glady leave it on. PS: My intension was just to test this OS out. I really love it's graphics and stuff but in someway I don't like it's features; such as the shortcut keys.
  4. Hi guys. I would like to know how can I completely uninstall or remove MAC OS X from my intel machine. I tried to delete or format the MAC partition from windows but I the partition is not visible. Help please. Thanks
  5. Uninstalling OS x86?

    How did u do it? I would like to know. Thanks.