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  1. I'm having ethernet and hard drive issues. It takes forever to mount and unmount anything that's not the SL drive. and the ethernet never pulls an IP. been busy at work, haven't had time to mess with it, or even research them. anyone else have these issues?
  2. Newsgroup reader for OSX?

    binbot is the closest thing that i've found even CLOSE to newsleecher on osx. it's strictly for downloading binaries, and has a nzb association. It gives you full control over which articles to download and has all the good options that newsleecher has. It also allows me to use the full bandwidth that I have available, all of the other programs never seemed to get over 700KB/s. It has a free 30 day trial, cant hurt to try it out!
  3. Hey Ryan, Just curious how you edited the bios to add the apple splash screen? I'd like to edit the new 0801 bios to do the same. Thanks! Also, is anyone having any problems with ethernet? Tried to rebuild caches and everything seems okay, but sometimes it cannot get an IP through DHCP, and it does not work when i assign it one. Everything works in windows though, so i'm curious. I'm on a vanilla p6t board Thanks!
  4. SeaRay, Thanks for all your hard work. Currently have SL on it's own 1gb WD Black on sata0 and XP and Win7 on another WD Black on sata1. I like the idea of the EFI being 'portable' but this option feels like the weakest link on my machine if that makes any sense lol.. it works great, but i'd love to figure out how to use chameleon to dual boot between my darwin loader and windows loader with sata1 being the bootable drive in my bios. I'm working now on setting up my gtx275 drivers. also, are there any other programs like iStat that have temperature sensor drivers for our setups? sorry for all the questions, and thanks for all the hard work!