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  1. Bonjour à tous, Je vends ma config achetée le 14-09-2007 sur materiel.net CM: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6750 (2,66Ghz, fsb 1333Mhz, 4Mo L2, 65nm) RAM: G.Skill Extreme2 4 x 1 Go PC6400 PK HD: Seagate Barracuda 320Go (8Mo cache) CG: Club 3D GeForce 8800 GT 512 Mo Radial Heatpipe (achetée le 12-06-2008 sur materiel.net) Alim: Enermax Liberty ELT 500 AWT (500W) Graveur: DVD±RW DL Samsung SH-S183L OEM Boitier: Asus TA 211 noir (très bon état, les plastiques transparents de protection de la face avant n'ont même pas été enlevés) Ecran: Samsung SyncMaster 223BW 22' (très bon état, aucune rayure, aucun pixel mort) Fonctionne depuis plus d'un an sous Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (OSX86), actuellement en version 10.5.6 (kernel Vanilla) J'ai en fait acheté chaque pièce pour une compatibilité parfaite avec OS X, pour des performances maximales. Tout est donc 100% fonctionnel (son, firewire, video CI/QE dual screen...) Pas de vente séparée (sauf peut-être de l'écran, mais pas avant d'avoir trouvé un acheteur pour la config) Prix de la config complète avec écran: 480€ Vente en main propre sur Paris.
  2. karaakeha1 thank you so much for your awesome work, you are definitely my idol! I've got a GA-P35-DS3P with a E6750, 4GB of memory and a 8800GT with 512MB. It is totally working! Sleep, shut down, CI/QE/dual display... Thanks a lot
  3. onizuka

    Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.2

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a 8800GT but I need to be sure first : Does it support dual display in 10.5.2 ? I read some reports about only one DVI port working... Cheers
  4. onizuka

    Leopard Server experience

    Hehe I gave up and bought a real Mac... Leopard Server works perfectly now! Good luck
  5. onizuka

    Leopard Server experience

    Ah nice So I guess my problem is not hardware related but rather due to the installation method... Good luck finding an AMD patch for 10.5.2, most installation methods depend on Vanilla stuff...
  6. onizuka

    Leopard Server experience

    Hey! What do you mean the server works, does Server Admin recognize the machine as a server, and allows you to configure services?? That would be so cool
  7. onizuka

    Leopard Server experience

    Hey Did you try to go through the server assistant again? There is a key in some plist to make Leopard think it's started for the first time, I fount it somewhere on the forum... This enabled services for me, and even permitted remote admin, so I had basically all the features of Leopard Server. However, my network card seemed to cause compatbility problems so I finally gave up and reinstalled ubuntu. I hope you'll be luckier with yours!
  8. onizuka

    6800 GS

    Could you please specify the exact brand/model of your 6800GS? Cheers
  9. Here you go Sorry about that, I'm trying to install Leopard Server on the machine that hosts the file, and it's kinda tricky.... alc889a.zip
  10. Hey guys Thanks for that guide, it's really helpful for those who want to install Leopard Server, as there is no patched image available. I've installed Leopard Server with this method on my Poweredge server. The only problem I got was the repeating "Package 0 didn't get an HPET" problem, which I solved by removing the intel cpu kext. Now the problem is, it hangs at startup, on a grey screen with a mouse cursor, just after the boot screen. While booting in safe verbose mode, it doesn't give any clue about what's wrong and hangs on the same grey screen... EDIT : when I boot without the PCI networking card, it will hang at "servermgr_web : Default web services record was not found. Cannot initialize." Rings a bell...?
  11. onizuka

    Leopard Server experience

    As EFI emulation doesn't work with my iAtkos Leopard image, I assumed the original Vanilla kernal wouldn't work neither. I'm not very sure I understand these things though, I'm gonna try that tonight.
  12. Hey guys There is no actual patched Leopard Server image right now, so the only way to install it seems to be overwriting an existing Leopard install. To do that, I've used the retail Leopard Server image and iAktos 10.5.1 with EFI. Here is what I've done : 1. installed iAktos 10.5.1 (unfortunately, EFI emulation won't work on my Dell PowerEdge, although I'm not sure I've installed it right) 2. opened the Leopard Server DVD image with Pacifist 3. selected all packages and install them 4. rebooted. "About this Mac" now says it's OS X Server, and there is a new Folder called "server" in Applications, containing the server management applications. However, it seems that these management applications don't actually think the machine is a server. They ask for the address of a server to manage, and neither "localhost", "" nor the actual network address of the machine will work. It will just alert there is no server at the given address. Besides, Leopard Server documentation says there should be a Server Assistant showing up after the OS installation. With my installation method, I didn't get any assistant, and I think this is the reason why the machine is not actually recognized as a server... I'm sure someone else has tried to install OS X Server before, but I haven't found any relevant info on the forum... Any ideas?
  13. http://www.hardwr.fr/files/macos/alc889a.zip here are the kexts to install for audio
  14. onizuka

    "Wide" Boot screen

    Hi, I've got a MacBook with a 13,3' widescreen monitor. I was impressed when I boot it for the first time to see that the boot screen (grey Apple logo with spinner) was not stretched but really fit the ratio of the monitor. On my osx86 machine, I've got a widescreen but the Leopard boot screen seems to be unappropriate and therefore looks awfully stretched... Is there a more or less easy way to set the boot screen to its wide version? I know it's just a stupid detail but that's the kind of things we all like with Macs, right?