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    Installing Mountain lion on Asus G75VW

    So I just need to install the fakeSMC.ktext for graphics? I have sound fine and lan without doing anything, is that normal?
  2. Brendan27

    Installing Mountain lion on Asus G75VW

    I'm at a loss, I followed the instructions in the thread to a t, but after the white screen with the Apple on it, it just goes black and my USB stick stops flashing. I have the 3 gig 670 in my laptop if that makes any different. I used the thing that cannot be named to create my bootable USB. Any idea's? Thanks UPDATE - Ok, I deleted the NVDAResman.kext from the installer, it installed, and booted into Mountain Lion no problem, I just had 1024x768 resolution. I installed the Nvidia graphics driver, and now it hangs on the white apple screen.