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  1. Hi Guys, after some years of abstinence the "wohle OSx86 thing" gripped me again and I've bought myself a Dell PowerEdge T20. It's equipped with a Intel C226 Chipset and a Xeon E3-1225 v3 CPU. So far as I know the C226 Chipset is similar / comparable to Intel Series 8 and the Xeon CPU is comparable to the i5-4570 CPU. For me it seems to be a good base to use it with macOS. I was able to install macOS Sierra, but it runs a litle bit choppy and I'm having issues with USB 3.0, onboard graphics, sleep and so on. For that reason I've exctracted my ACPI tables using Ubuntu live and started editing and patching my DSDT. DSDT editing was ok and I was able to get rid of some error codes and some warnings, but unfortunately I'm having some trouble to use PJALM Intel Series 8 Patches and that is why I strongly need your help / assistance. I've attached a Zip file that contains all my original ACPI tables, my edited DSDT without any Patch, an Linux LSPCI and DPCIManager output and would be very grateful if anyone colud help me to get my T20 fully running. Many many thanks in advance! PS.: Using Clover revision 3911 *Update* Newest Version can be found here
  2. @A.CANO please excuse the delay. you can use my installations guide over here. Just scroll to post #234. here you will find all the necessary files in post #359. Last but not least, if you want to cross flash your T20 to the T1700 bios, just follow the steps over here in post #3557 @svenology Sorry, no idea. Please post in graphics section.
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    Sad news! Many thanks for your great work and all your help!
  4. Here comes another update. MaLd0n made some improvements and added some new patches, so all credits deserve him Furthermore I made a new DSDT / new SSDTs for people who flashed their T20 with Dell's T1700 Bios. You can find these files in the T1720 attachment. The new files also include MaLd0n's improvements / patches. Dell T20 Release.zip Dell T1720 Release.zip
  5. I've updated my DSDT / SSDTs once again, because the previous versions caused a kernel panic on boot when only using the iGPU. Here you can find the final version with all improvements like working USB 3.0, native Power Management, the ability to use two Monitors with the integrated GPU etc. There are two different versions. With V1 you're able to wake your computer using your keyboard or mouse. V2 enables a deep sleep and you have to use the power button to wake your machine. Once again many thanks to MaLd0n for his help! *Files were updated once again*
  6. You need SSDT 5-7 because I've renamed some Devices to be more Mac like and without using them you would get several ACPI namespace lookup failures. The SSDT without numbers is CPU / Power Management related and was created using Pike's ssdtPRGen.sh script. So if your T20 is also equipped with the Xeon processor you can use it too. *Edit* Which brand is the graphics card you've used? You should use a model with NVIDIA reference design. Many people recommend EVGA cards but I had massive problems with a EVGA brandet GT740. My MSI card is working without any issues oob.
  7. You don't have to apologize! Hijacking a thread is something totally different in my opinion. I've only suggested a new thread because of better clarity. But back to topic. Here are two updated DSDT versions. I've edited out some unused devices and corrected an accidentally renamed Device. MaLd0n took a look at this version and "gave his ok". There are two versions because of the wake behavior. Using Version 1 you can wake your Computer from sleep using Mouse or Keyboard. Using Version 2 you have to use the Power Button to wake your machine. It enables an deeper sleep. Finally the most important thing! Many, many thanks to MaLd0n for his amazing work! Without his help there wouldn't be this great result. *Update* Newest Version can be found here
  8. Hi timefortea. Because of your configuration problems you should open a new thread over here. This one is only DSDT related. But, just one side note. How did you connect your Monitor to the GT640? Or in other words, which port you're using (VGA / DVI / HDMI)? The internal GPU should work without any issues using RehabMans FakePCIID.kext, but lets clarify this in your "new Thread.
  9. Yes. I'm using the kext you've posted here.
  10. Ok. I'll post the whole stuff when I'm back home again.
  11. Just tested the new version. Sleep, restart and shutdown are ok. Seems like "Device (MKY0)" is causing sound assertion and both "Device (ALS0)" and "Device (PNLF)" don't work for me even I'm use "iMac14,2" SMBIOS. Another question regarding pci devices in about this Mac. How did you discover the right slots?
  12. Ok, sounds good! I'll test your DSDT Version later that day and give you feedback and I'll "correct" "Method (XE60, 4, NotSerialized)" so that it looks like I've suggested.
  13. I've checked your changes / updates. Thanks a lot bro! Your Work looks very good! Btw., what are the benefits of "Device (ALS0)" and "Device (PNLF)"? Aren't they only Laptop related? Furthermore I found the "If (_OSI ("Darwin")" entry twice in "Method (_INI, 0, NotSerialized)". Is this accidentally or intentionally? Besides I have to check how your changes in "Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized)" affect sleep. And last but not least, what's about "Method (XE60, 4, NotSerialized)? Shouldn't it look like ... Method (XE60, 4, NotSerialized) { Return (Package (0x02) { "projected by e60 / finalized by MaLd0n", "insanelymac.com" }) } ... So once again, many, many thanks for yor help!
  14. I've updated my DSDT because of some KP using the onboard GPU. @MaLd0n My only USB 3.0 device is a Sharkoon Quick Port for now, but for me everything looks good so far. *Update* Newest Version can be found here
  15. Post here if you need help to get your T20 up and running.
  16. Hi timefortea, please excuse the delay. For me the Dell T20 is working very well. I am also using a discrete graphics card by the way. This one is my choise: MSI GeForce GT 710 - 2GD3H LP @MaLd0n Thanks for the details. I'll give the "rename thing" a try a will compare the differences / benefits.
  17. Once again thank you very mutch for your reply. I know Rehabmans ijector, but what are the benefits compared to using native Apple USB kext? With my DSDT edits I'm able to use all USB ports without any issues. Furthermore, why should I use the "15 port limit" patch? The Dell T20 is equipped with 14 USB ports. 4x USB 3.0, 8x USB 2.0 and 2x Internal USB connector. *Edit* Had some time to think about your suggestion. Do you refer to the USB ports in DSDT regarding to the Clover patch?
  18. MaLd0n! Pleased to read from you and many thanks a lot for your help! I'll check your edits and will compare them to the DSDT I made on my own.
  19. Hey Guys, it took some time but I've managed to get everything up and running. Suggestions for improvements are very welcome! *Update* Newest Version can be found here
  20. Thanks for your reply! The Intel HD Graphics P4600 is the same one as Intel HD Graphics 4600. Only difference is the device ID. As far as I know it's possible to use RehabMan FakePCIID.kext to make it work. Witch specs do you need? I've attached the "Intel 8 Series / C220 Series Chipset Family Plattform Controller Hub (PCH)" Datasheet PDF and a comparison between the Xeon E3-1225 v3 and the the i5-4570 CPU. Do you need further informations? 8-series-chipset-pch-spec-update.pdf
  21. Hi guys, after a long period of abstinence I decided myself to try to build myself a "new" OS X Machine using some hardware that was lying around here. The manual work was done quite quickly and installing Yosemite worked very well. So far, so good. While testing some main functionalities after installing Yosemite, I figured out that my system is restarting instead of waking up from sleep. I've tried to use several different DSDT fixes but unfortunately without any success and it's slowly driving me crazy! I would be enormously grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction to solve this nasty issue. Here are the specs: - Motherboard -> Gigabyte GA-X38-DS4 - ICH9R - Bios -> F4 - CPU -> Intel E8400 - GPU -> MSI GeForce 8800 GT - Bootloader -> Clover v2.3k_r3193 - Identifier -> MacPro3,1 - No Fixes activated in Config.plist - No additional Kexts. Only using FakeSMC 6.9.1315 e60-DSDT.zip
  22. Hi Allan, tried to get AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext loading as well as MSRDumper.kext, but without success. I'm always getting kernel panics.
  23. It's attached in my first post.
  24. Yes, there are several patches in my DSDT