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  1. I didn't do any BIOS updates or anything like that, I'm pretty sure that it was just the wrong display port on my GTX 280... i switched the display port and no more blue screen now. I also choose multiple packages when I installed it (Quicktime, X11, Rosetta) and it still worked without flaws. Hm. All is good with the audio now too. Using the guide found here i fixed the problem of gargly audio after sleep, this should even work for Leopard machines! (assuming you're using VoodooHDA) Runs nice and crisp. My only thing is that even after updating to 10.6.2, I'm still not able to use OpenCL...
  2. meh, they're basically the same, only that the EP45T has DDR3.... and i figured out that i had my display connected to the slave port on my GTX 280. So this guide worked flawlessly on my EP45T. Congrats and thanks buddy! EDIT: Actually the audio is effed... so i'll be working on that...
  3. hey mr. janek, I'm having just one problem... after i install SL and the latest version of your installer to my SL hard drive, i get a blue screen (after the bootloader and about 15 secs of the Apple Logo and some spinning loading). It just sits there for however long i let it with the blue screen, does not change. Verbose mode reveals nothing, as it loads past that stage.
  4. I wasn't sure what the verbose mode did so i didn't try it. But when i get home i will. My main question is what are you supposed to do after you reboot the computer when prompted to by the installer.
  5. Hey all, Using a Q9550, GAEP45TUD3LR, 2x2gb ddr3 ram, gtx 280 1GB, 700W OCZ, 74GB 10K Drive SATA i am not able to run Mac. I'm sure i have a step wrong somewhere. 1. Set the mode or w/e to AHCI, and make cd first boot. 2. Put in OSX86 10.5.6 PPF5 DVD to drive. 3. Boot to DVD 4. Wipe HDD and install the plugins and OS and such according to the success story here (changing the VRAM of course). Let it shutdown/restart 5. Eject the DVD 6. After ejecting, set HDD to primary boot and disable AHCI. 7. Then it should work but it doesnt!.... yet after doing that and spending an all nighter trying to figure it out i have no idea still.... This is my first build so please teach me oh wise ones! Currently i am using osx86 IPC but i am also downloading iAtkos v7. Thanks and good day, Zach
  6. Tri booting question

    So i plan to install windows XP, mac os x 10.5.6 iPC, and fedora 10 on my soon-to-be-built hackintosh. The question is if i need a new BIOS for my ASUS P5Q-3... so do I? Thanks alot, ~xxx~
  7. So i was wondering if this motherboard will work with mac?