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  1. is there anything differently i need to do for this install if I were to install mac snow leopard server? I keep getitng this kernel panic
  2. Anyone running into problems of installing missing sync for blackberry?
  3. It's weird, time machine use to work fine. I have 3 HDD connected to my computer, and one of the slaves is mac journal case sensitive. The rest is Mac journal extended. Backups have been fine for the last couple months. However recently, time machine will not back up exactly a chunk of 222gb of data. When time machine gets to that point, it just stops. No error message no nothing. And at the top, it says "waiting for backup." Nothing else. I reformatted the hard drive guid, mbr, case sensitive etc etc, nothing. I even swapped out the time machine hard drive with a different external hard drive, no fix. How do I troubleshoot this or find out what is causing the problem? Is there a particular format time machine doesn't want to backup? Is there a partition format type time machine doesnt like?
  4. I apologize, I'm a bit confused. What is UUID? I did a clean reformat of the time machine hard drive and just trying to back up everything. It just keeps stopping in the middle.
  5. No one else is running into time machine problems?
  6. I still can't get time machine to work. I reformed the time machine disk, verified it, etc. I turned off LAN in my bios and using an ethernet card for internet. My wireless card occupies the en0. "Starting standard backup Couldn't find en0. Backing up to: /Volumes/Time Machine Backups/Backups.backupdb Couldn't find en0. Detected system migration from: /Volumes/Time Machine Backups/Backups.backupdb/Macintosh/2009-11-11-170551/Mac Pro No pre-backup thinning needed: 268.65 GB requested (including padding), 478.38 GB available Waiting for index to be ready (101) Copied 28806 files (21 KB) from volume Media. Event store UUIDs don't match for volume: Media "
  7. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    Sorry I missed your message. Did you get it working?
  8. This is a newb question, but since my computer refuses to completely shutdown, where can I get a log of the error or figure out what is causing it. I haven't changed any of the kexts and it use to be able to sleep and shut down just fine. Maybe one of my USB connected devices is causing this? Whenever I shut downdown, the computer shuts down but the blue light stays on and the computer fans is still running. The monitors don't work.
  9. People should wait on the update til all the issues are worked out. haha im scared of installing it.
  10. I'm not using anything kexts for shut down. This started happening recently and I haven't messed with any of the kexts. Whenever I shut down, it justs reboots. No idea what's causing this.
  11. Anyone having trouble shutting down? Every time I shut down, it just restarts the computer.
  12. Anyone having problems with Time Machine?
  13. Speak of the devil, now my sleep stops working. LOL. The lights stay on and the fans are still going, and my bluetooth keyboard won't wake up the computer. Im using the newest SleepEnabler for 10.6.2 so anybody know?
  14. For those who have ethernet/torrent/networking problems and can't figure out how to fix it, I would suggest just buying a ethernet card. It's what I did and it seriously solved all my problems, but it's my lazy way out of it. Other than that, my hackintosh is 100% functional with bonjour, torrents, etc etc.
  15. I successfully installed Windows 7 on a partiton off my slave hard drive. However, when I boot up I don't have choices in Chameleon which OS I want. However I can access the Windows 7 fine with Parellels. Also, is anyone experiencing when restarting the computer, the sound is default at a high volume?