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  1. [Guide] SurfacePro 1 & 2 Osx-Android-Windows multiboot

    1.Thank you for this guide. I would of been lost without it. 1.5. If you don't have a working mac or hackintosh this is going to be impossible so stay away if you don't have a mac to open the files. this is not obvious to newbies. I have a hackintosh from 2008 running 10.7.5 that still works LOL- that was my last attempt. I'm using it now actually. 2. For realitve newbie trying to instal OSX on Surface Pro gen 1 don't give up hope!!!! It is possible and you do have to follow the instructions EXACTLY!!!! ( i bought one online for cheap just for this!) 3. If you are having some problems following the instructions it's becasue most people here know more than you and are always making hackintoshes, so things are left out that you might find hard to follow, but trust me the more times you try the better you will understand. It took me 1 hour the first time I tried to set up the usb......, the last time I tried it took 15 minutes so you see that will get better. 4. look for the latest kexts when possible. I got success with the Surface Pro V0.5.1 which you have to download to find the config file, the dsdt files andthe other stuff you need. I also used the Macspike files becasue the dsdt file was upadated. 5. the first boot after install takes along time so be patient 6.use a usb 3 stick as it will load faster on, but keep in mind that the installation has to wait for certain devices that don't exist yet to be found- so install speedat a certain point has nothing to do with how fast the usb stick is- go drink some coffee or have a quick nap (einstein did it, so can you!) 7. (for english speaking people) dont get freaked out when you see italian when the osx instal screen comes on, the buttons to install are in the same placesthayare on an english install menu. look at the video on youtube if you don't have mac. 8. You might have to erase the windows partition to be able to format the hd on the surface during install -it is not the problem of the installer or the instructions, its becasue the surface pro doesnt allow full access to the bios. some people had no problem with this but I did- backup your window spartition with a program like acronis disk director 9. if you have problems like "where do i get the config file from or where do I copy the packages file from watch ayoutube video on this subject. macspike does one that helped me figure out that there 10. dont erase the usb if the install doesnt work- there is a appcalled efi mount that you can use to remount that foler and new files to it...., and if you didn't know the efi image comes from the usb instal you just made, now you know!l that's all for now- and thanks!
  2. Leopard on Toshiba M400 tablet PC?

    Hey! I've got a m200 and I got the digitizer to work after about 5 days of trying..., (no CI/QE with invidia card thou) its like the computer has to get 'acquainted' with the new os before it will work. I updated the bios to latest and then randomly installed a wacom tablet driver for osx from the wacom site. Pressure senseitivity does work as well and I love it compared to mouse or trackpad. it is also fun to see jelous macbook pro people look at me using my 350$ hackintosh..., PS> there are lots of osx compatible wifi usb keys to use out there so all is not lost.
  3. Final Cut Pro 6 won't start up

    This worked perfectly for FCP 6.06 !!!!!!!!! THank you !!!!!! I had a problem installing FCP 7, now i will try again- even though I have gma950 w/64 mb vram- it installed a few times without error message....., now I will try agian!!!! Thanks!!!
  4. Here is my experience (so far) installing os X on the Toshiba M200 - same specs at the one quoted here: GOT THEM ALL -You name it I got it as far as working installs of osx86- Jas, IPC, Kalyway, Iaktos (or whatever its called) from 10.4.7 to 10.5.6....., and I tried them all- took a week and half of testing..., BIOS UPDATE? -I wasn't getting anywhere so I decided to update BIOS from 1.60 to 1.80 from the Toshiba website- even though the product code didn't match exactly, I booted in PC mode (dual boot) gave it a try, crossed my fingers and it worked. INSTALL - I don't have an external USB DVD drive and PXE install is too complicated if at all for OSX (could not figure it out) SO I used a desktop computer - I bought a $7 (CDN) specialty adapter to convert the 2.5 notebook hard drive to 3.5. ( I suspect some of the versions of osx86 did not work for my laptop because they are incompatiable with the desktop's operating system) MY OTHER MAC -The desktop used is an asrock 1333-667 wolfdale motherboard with gma950 graphics and is currently running 10.5.6 with full CI/QE @ 1050x1024x32 with plist edit. I got this mothetboard because I knew it was going to work with full CI/QE so I could run Final Cut Pro. IF YOU DON"T WANT PROBLEMS WITH YOUR HACKINT*SH INTALL THEN PLAN AHEAD AND BUY A MOTHERBOARD OR VIDEO CARD THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE PROVEN IT WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Saying that, I know that finding the right setup to QE/CI enable my toshiba m200 would be a struggle, but I do have another other osx86 desktop system that works perfectly.) WHAT WORKS FOR TOSHIBA M200 ? THE SSE 2 CRACK !!!!!! -The only thing that worked for me was kalyway 10.5.1.- For this install you don't do anything other than select the sse2 fix and change the boot to whatever file system you are using- GUID or MBR at the bottom of the options list before install- Here's what is working now: Digitizer pen works with tabletmagic- latest dounload as of this date- Here is the thing about tabletmagic- it works but you have to play with it, the key thing is that it has to recognize the (internal) serial port that the digitizer in the m200 uses otherwise you are out of luck (at least i was). I suspect the bios upgrade i did helped- I tried for about 9 hours..., I also grabbed kashoggi's tablet fix and just for fun clicked on it. Then I went to Wacom's website and downloaded the OSX driver for the Cintiq 12- I think this was the thing that helped the os to find the serial port for the digitizer. I also went into bios and switched the device control to "all devices" instead of "Setup by OS"After some more adjusting and restarting a bunch of times, I went away while the system restarted...., came back 10 mins later and it was working- How weird and random is that?????? Sound working Graphics: had to change the resolution manually in start up kext (forget which one but its here on this site) even though the res has not changed in the in the system profiler it has changed on the actual screen. no mouse tearing but it does run a little slow at times when you move a window around or draw very fast on the desktop using ink. I am told you have to play around with the settings to get rid of this or increase your ram - I only have 1gig and need more- usb working pcmcia slot not tested- my pcmcia firewire card says it needs driver- I will test further and update. ethernet working with no problems wifi only works with unprotected networks- no wep or other- looks like the 2200 hack makes the whole system too unstable- do not use !!! wifi with usb will be my best bet- Boooooooo! Batttery indicator not available I have no really looking into this as I don't really care that much about that. I hope this post helps others like I have been helped by this forum. screen buttons working fuction buttons not working. -CT