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  1. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Awesome! Thanks for working on this, it is the one thing keeping me from using my Hackintosh full time Please don't abandon this project! That would suck.
  2. Ive been trying to install OSx86 on my Presario f557US, my specs are as follows: I have been trying multiple installation disks, I have also looked into the 132 loader but I have been able to find anything that helps my problem. I have been able to install the OS but unable to boot afterward. I get an error "Still waiting for root device". This is due to the SATA driver I am using, I think. I just am having a hard time figuring this out. I have tried the iDenebv1.4 disk, which led to the root device error. Then by following this guide I patched it with the nforce patch, which is what I thought I needed. I patch the ISO then I burned it at 4x speed, but after the installation cd checks for consistency successfully the installation fails 75% through. Another option I was exploring was trying to patch an Iso with this driver. I figured that the newest version might work, but honestly I have no idea how to patch the iso with just a kext file. The option I really want to get working, is the 132 bootloader. It seems to be the ideal method of installation for OSx86, so it should be what I want to do right? I was trying to follow this guide which looks like I should be able to follow it relatively easily. But, I am stuck at step 1. ( I know, I know, step one...... :pirate2: ) So I need to find the files for each component on my pc. This means I need to find different drivers for the BCM4311 wifi, the Geforce Go 6100, and the MCP51? I mean the MCP51 is listed under audio, Ethernet, the SATA, honestly its everywhere. I just really don't understand what the MCP51 does and why it is everywhere in my system, wtf I can do with it, and how to get it working with OSx86. Could anyone shine some light on this for me? For what components on my system do I need to get drivers for? Please if anybody has had any experience with a PC similar to mine, please tell me how you got it working. I really would prefer to get the 132 bootloader working, so if anyone can help me out there, I would be indebted. It is the stupid Nvidia MCP51 component that is recall throwing me for a loop. I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance.