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  1. Hibernation for Mountain Lion 10.8

    any news about hibernation in ML 10.8? Has someone compiled a patched Chameleon with hibernation working? thanks
  2. Quick time don't play .avi files

    update: I accidentally discovered that quicktime plays .avi files only if they are on OS X partition. Avi stored in other partitions (eg. ntfs windows partition) can't be played by quicktime... SL e Lion didn't have that problem....
  3. Quick time don't play .avi files

    I already used mplayerx and vlc (they work fine). but I would like to understand why quicktime don't work... thanks anyway for suggestion
  4. Hi all, since I installed Mountain Lion I can't play .avi files with quicktime. It says that no codec is installed to play avi. I always use perian as codec pack and with SL and Lion no problem to play avi with quick time. Any suggestion? thanks
  5. Applehda - No sound after sleep

    same problem....
  6. (Solved) HDEF in DSDT and No Sleep

    hi, anyone know how to get audio works after sleep with applehda? I used voodoohda that worked fine but caused me random kernel panic... now with applehda modded for my idt card audio works (and no KP) but after sleep no sound... thanks
  7. after adding codes in dsdt now I have wrong informations about my my battery (wrong % charging, wrong time charging and message: battery is damaged)
  8. wrong battery/ac status

    ok. thanks for information in fact I tried the guide linked by artur-pt but nothing changed thanks you all
  9. Hi, i use applesmartbatterymanager kext to show battery status icon on finder bar. kext works fine. the only problem is the following: with the laptop plugged on AC Power if I unplug battery the finder bar icon shows Battery as power source. If I re-plug battery it shows correctly AC as Power Source. Do you know why? same thing happens with voodoobattery and appleacpibatterymanager. Maybe I have to fix something in dsdt.... I don't know........... Can anyone help me? thanks
  10. Applehda - No sound after sleep

    thanks. is there a guide to do this?
  11. Applehda - No sound after sleep

    Hi, I found an applehda.kext that make works my idt audio card (I used voodoohda that works fine but causes me random kernel panics and I had to delete it). Now with applehda sound works fine but when I resume the system from sleep the audio disappears until I reboot system. I read that it's a known problem but I didn't uderstand if a solution exists to solve this problem. thank you bye
  12. Hi, i wish to know if exists 64bit version of iosdhciblockdevice.kext for get works laptop card reader under Lion 64bit. thanks in advance bye
  13. Hi, I've installed iLife '11 under Mountain Lion and the only app that don't works is iPhoto. The icon dock has a circle and when I click to open iPhoto a message appears to say that I've to go in appstore and download the latest iPhoto update that works under Mountain Lion. But in Appstore there are only updates for iMovie, GarageBand, iDVD and iWeb. No update for iPhoto. Someone has the same problem? Why that update doesn't appear? thanks in advance bye edit: solved downloading iphoto 9.1 update dmg. once installed iphoto worked, and also the latest update has appeared in appstore
  14. How you solved your problem ? Mine is similar... thanks
  15. no luck with -x flag. always hangs when desktop wallpaper appears.... it stops charging and doesn't go over