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  1. Hi, can you help me?

    I have been following your work with the Omen laptop.

    I have a very similar one, except for the graphics card and ram (I also replaced the WIFI card)

    I can't get to patch the DSDT for battery, I followed your instructions on Tonymac but does not work when I do it.

    I ended up using your DSDT and that works

    Can you patch my files with your patches to get the battery and brightness controls to work?

    Or can you write the patches so I can apply them to my DSDT?

    Thanks a lot


  2. gonzex

    HP Omen 15-dc0045nr

    Hi after patching ACPI i got sleep/shutdown/restart working I also have to use EmuVariable64 to emulate nvram, else the computer did not power off Battery is partially working. It's detected but does not charge/discharge. Status shows always same percentage. Trackpad still only recognizes 2 fingers, even when it's working on preferences RehabMan doesn't have working patches for nVidia graphics, and my laptop does not have IntelGFX
  3. gonzex

    HP Omen 15-dc0045nr

    Hi I succesfully installed High Sierra on my new laptop Specs: Processor: 6-core i7 8750HChipset: HM370Memory: 32GB 2667 MHz DDR4Graphics: nVidia 1070 Max QDisplay: 1920x1080 @ 144hzStorage: Samsung NVME 512GB (Windows) / Kingston SSD 480GB (Clover) WORKING:-Sound (Lilu + AppleALC)-Graphics with webdrivers 1920x1080 @ 144hz (Lilu + Whatevergreen + WebDrivers)-Ethernet (RTL8111)-Power Management (PluginType=1)-Trackpad (only 2 fingers multitouch) (VoodooPS2Controller + ACPIBatteryManager, sometimes it shows the trackpad, sometimes it doesn't)NOT WORKING:-Battery shows 0% if I unplug the power connector (using the kext but I haven't patch anything yet)-Brightness (haven't done anything to fix yet)-Sleep (Screen turns off, fans speed up and doesn't sleep or wake at all)NOT COMPATIBLE:-Wifi/Bluetooth (Realtek card, I know it won't work at all) I need help patching the DSDT, I don't know how to do it Can someone help me? Thanks!
  4. gonzex

    Patched AppleUSBXHCI

    @shiecldk thanks again for the patch, its working great in all drives but Lacie rugged or the small orange drives. When i plug them, they mount OK and you can read at USB3.0 speeds, but if you try to write something larger than 10MB maybe, the drive ejects itself or just fails after slowly copying some MBs to the drive ("can't write to disk" or something like that) I use renesas D720200 with the patch applied in clover configurator on Yosemite 10.10.5
  5. gonzex

    Patched AppleUSBXHCI

    I have the same doubts. If the 2nd and 3rd patches are the same, do I have to use both of them or only the first one? My system is a ga-h57m-usb3 (Renesas/Nec uPD720200) and I got it working using the patch in Clover, but with Lacie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt drives I can't write to the drives, only read. When I start writing something the operation hangs and then I have to unplug/plug to get the drive working again. With other drives (seagate, samsung, or powered desktop drives) it works great. Had the same problem with GenericUSBXHCI. Also, with powered drives, sleep won't work because when the drive goes to sleep, it automatically powers up again, touching USB and waking the computer. I'm on Yosemite 10.10.4 now, but in Mavericks it worked fine.
  6. gonzex

    Install Leopard on nForce 620i System

    Hi Ben... i recently bought a Zotac MB with the 620i chipset, and im struggling to install leopard to it. I succeded with iDeneb 1.6 Lite 10.5.8, but everything was really slow, and i couldn't use my IDE drives after installing. To get the DVD to boot I used one DVDRW PATA Drive, as slave, and a PATA HD as master. I installed to an USB Drive. My system specs Pentium 4 515J - 2,93ghz (Voodoo Kernel) Zotac 620i Value MB Zotac nVidia GeForce 9500 GT 1GB Please let me know if you figure out what to do to get things working with this chipset. Greetings from Santiago, Chile Gonzalo
  7.  Mysticus C*, you are the man! thanks for a very complete guide here's what i did in my pc HP Pavilion w5030la Pentium 4 2,8 gHz 2gbRam Intel 82915g chipset Intel 915g graphics D-Link DWL G520 Wireless Lan (Atheros5212) Realtek HDAudio (880) Fresh Kalyway 10.5.2 install. No video drivers, Azalia Audio, No Network drivers, Sleepkernel, IntelMemoryController, No Timemachinefix (if i use this, timemachine doesn't work anymore), Default SMBIOS. So i have no network and no graphics. Everything else is working. After that i followed your instructions, created a TEST partition, but I installed the combo update right in the Main partition. In post I selected: -Kernel: No kernel (didnt know if TOH's kernel was the same i was using, so i just restored it from the test partition, and didn't know if the XNUStage would work for me with just a pentium4) -Chipset: I restored the old one (i suppose it was the ICHx AHCI) -Video: Intel GMA900 (2582 for my desktop) -Audio: restore the old HDA Azalia -Network: no network (im installing via IO80211Family.kext edit) -SMBIOS: MacPro (that was what System Profiler said before updating), and left APIC-ACPI selected. Rebooted (with old sleepkernel), waited for the system to reboot again (with old sleepkernel again), and voila... I just installed my Wifi card drivers and i have a fully working system. I hope this is useful for someone, cause it's exactly what i did. can anybody tell me if I should install the XNUStage kernel? (I can try by myself, but i just wanna know if it's better than the sleepkernel im using) Thanks again Mysticus for your fast response and your great guide
  8. power up computer, when dell logo apears, hold F12 -> It will show you the boot menu -> Select CD/DVD Let the DVD boot and install
  9. gonzex

    Wireless issues?

    what did you do to make your Wireless card to work in Leopard? I'm using Kaly's 10.5.2 DVD, and i can't make it work, even following the guides...
  10. gonzex

    SLOW Wireless Keyboard

    Im having the same problem, with a HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Im using Tiger 10.4.11 XxX, but i had the same problem with earlier releases. Hope someone can find a solution!
  11. gonzex

    OSX 10.4.8 Freeze on boot

    i think this isn't a synaptics driver problem, because if i plug a PS/2 mouse, the touchpad gets disabled, and then, when i boot the install dvd, the "ApplePS2Trackpad: Synaptics Touchpad v5.9" line does not show up, but im still getting stuck after "Couldn't alloc class "IOUSBUserClientInit""....
  12. gonzex

    OSX 10.4.8 Freeze on boot

    same problem here...I also have a Mobile Pentinum 4 Northwood Socket 478 at 2.3ghz supporting SSE2, and aa ATI RS200/RS200M Chipset.512 RAM, and 40GB HD....mine's a HP Pavilion ze5600I'm installing Tiger 10.4.11 and it's working perfect in other pc, but her, i can't boot the DVD...
  13. DWL-G520 would be great... thx
  14. cANT get the card to work. Airport detects the networks but i cant connect to anyone, i need help... maybe drivers... thanx (sorry for my bad english)
  15. need help... i can´t get my G520 to work in Mac OS x86. Airport detects the networks but it does not connect to any of them. Are there any drivers, or something i can do? (sorry for my bad english)