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  1. ALC277 - 10.9.4

    Thanks Mirone. I already used v1 of your patched AppleHDA for ALC270 which works fine. I hadn't patched the DSDT properly, that's why it wasn't initially working. Note to anyone else with this chipset (ALC277). Codec Dump shows EAPD on the speaker node 0x14 so you'll need someway of 'waking' sound up after sleep, i'm personally using CodecCommander.
  2. ALC277 - 10.9.4

    Fixed!! Patched dsdt correctly with layout-id 12 (changed to layout id 3) and IRQ laptop patch (RehabMan patches) For sound after sleep added CodecCommander.kext v2.2 also patched _WAK (RehabMan) in dsdt.
  3. ALC277 - 10.9.4

    Hi Guys, Trying to get sound on ALC277 (this is what it says on the chip physically). Codec Dump shows ALC270 (Weird?) So used patched AppleHDA for ALC270 and Patched DSDT. (I've attached DSDT and Codec Dump). No sound =( What am i missing? Any help much appreciated. DSDT and Codec Dump.zip
  4. Hi guys, Im trying to get this to work on my Vostro 3700 + Core i5 520m, but as soon as i remove NullCPU kext i get KP. (Screenie attached) I dont know if my dsdt (added below) is modded correctly/or at all? Anyone check it or tell me whats to be done to it? i have limted/if any experience with dsdt patching Thanks! dsdt.aml.zip
  5. Couldn't get it to work with 10.6.4 kext gives me KP with that kext. And i know how ya feel with not screwing with a working system. (Im guessing ya still using windows). Apart from Sleep/CPU Power management or Speedstep the system runs like a dream. The fan is hardly audible, and as a desktop replacement its perfect. BUT for me i got it so i know even if i mess up i've got a windows working system to go back to. I've replaced my DVD drive with another 500gb SATA drive and got windows on that drive. I can always go back to windows and mess around with mac on the other drive. (Used - http://newmodeus.com/shop/index.php?main_p...products_id=309 and converted my internal drive to a USB one) Overall, i use OSX as my main system now. Its worth the effort!
  6. I'm using 10.6.4 and i dont have no Shutdown problems. I'm using stock generated DSDT.
  7. Using 10.6.4, i think ethernet works though? Does yours show up? I do recommend DW1510 card to replace the 1520 very simple and works OTB. Mine shown below. And VMware works in 10.6.4 + Better graphics driver for GT330m (notice transparency on top menu bar, i dun think it was there in 10.6.3) I used iAtkos 10.6.3 + Automatic Update ([url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] image as boot and Extra folder in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] as Extra folder in boot drive) Note: Cannot Sleep otherwise installation disk will not boot again once restarted, i use InsomniaX to make sure computer does not sleep)
  8. HD4850 Snow Leopard 10.6.2 - Is it working for you?

    lol. Im running 10.6.1 for now, since i pretty much use this as my main system dont really wanna be messing about! Too much work too less time! Just holding up until i feel there is a reasonable solution. All in all i gave up!! I Could have easily cheated (Like you ) and used the 9400gt i have!!
  9. No. Its not working. Whats suppose to happen is: 1. Update using combo update. 2. Install Legacy ATI kext (in /E/) 3. Install PC EFI 10.5 (replace existing boot file for chameleon) Thats it. Instead KP in x2000 kext. Using EvoEnabler + Modded Kext or Legacy kext results in garbled screen. So, does it work for you? If not what do we have in common? I have a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD4850. + Items in Sig
  10. Hd4850 and 10.6.2

    Yaa.. Been trying everything!!! I still cant work out why it works for some peoples and not others even though we seem to have the same cards! Reverted back to 10.6.1 until a more 'assuring' solution comes. EvoEnabler + Modded ati4800 kext = Garbled Screen PC EFI 10.5 + Modded ati4800 kext = Panic PC EFI 10.5 + Modded ati4800 kext + EvoEnabler = Garbled Screen 10.5.7 Drivers + EvoEnabler = (only x86 mode) No garbled screen but everything corrupted (taskbar greyed out and background greyed out) Legacy kext instead of modded kexts same results as expected, since its just adding lines to the ati4800 kext. SO, Patience is a virtue, maybe a new x2000 kext? ( Did try older x2000 kext (10.6.1/0) got garbled screen) P.S. Legacy kext + PC EFI 10.5 is now the easiest solution for me on 10.6.1
  11. P5Q séries & 10.6 (MAJ 23/07/10)

    Oui, j'ai dû démarrer en mode sans échec avec ma HD4850. Le son ne fonctionne plus après le sommeil? Utilisation AppleHDA kext. Any solutions?
  12. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Thanks Quaza, bootcd fixed a lot of post-install problems. I used it to boot Installation of Hard-drive (restored to parition), worked. 10.6.1 Updated fine too. Gonna use it to boot from USB to install on a new Hard-drive.
  13. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Anyone got sleep working? (Running P5Q PRO, 4850)
  14. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    Ya i agree, it didn't work without ACPI 2.0 disabled! Anyone got the 4850 Working in 64bit mode? I added DEV ID to ATI4800Controller Kext, With EVOEnabler kext, but system hangs on boot up? (no kp, just stops on voodhda me thinks, which is sound, thought that was 64 bit compatible?) Currently running 4850 using Netkas Enabler and ATIRNDRV and ATINDRV kexts from leo. (Boots default into 32bit)**** ****Sracth that, working now! (AirportExtreme not working under 64 bit)
  15. SL on a Asus P5Q?

    What time/point ya get the KP? You booting from the disk you installed SL on (Change settings from bios)? I wasnt doing this before and i got instant KP upon trying to boot SL. (I was booting from Leo disk using Chameleon, but ya need to boot from SL disk) Also Turn on ACPI 2.0 in bios. Booting into safe mode and 32bit ( -x32 - v -x) is the simple way, then install ya kextz from there.