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  1. Just given me an excuse to dig up my L511z. Well done! Sent from my SM-N930F using Tapatalk
  2. I just have a patch in HDEF to point it to layout 3. Everything else is handled in AppleHDA (and now CodecCommander). If the attachment didn't work it's most likely the wrong verbs and/or pinconfig due to a slightly different 269VB chipset (my sub-vendor id is 0446).
  3. After some re-coding and compiling I've got the ALC269VB Sound and Cypress Trackpad working on my 15z. For anyone who's having problems with that respective hardware I've attached the kexts here. Oh, and for anyone who has USB2/3 problems (and has the NEC/Renesas USB3.0 hardware) I've found that the PXHCD kext works better than the Generic USB kext. I've also attached it here just in case AppleHDA-276.26-ALC269VB-5.zip VoodooPS2Controller-Cypress.zip PXHCD-Renesas.zip
  4. Thanks - though that still doesn't work for my ALC269. I'm temporarily using VoodooHDA 2.8.8 which bizarrely works with the mic, until I figure what needs to be patched on the AppleHDA binary.
  5. You're not the only one. I manually patched the AppleHDA codec for the ALC269VB on my XPS 15z and sound works, but mic doesn't. Same results with the AppleALC codec as well. Seems to be an issue on this chipset. Has anyone had any success? Other than that Sierra is a pleasant surprise. Other than the Fn keys (which I've mitigated using Keyboard Maestro) and the native Cypress trackpad (which I need to dig out my C++ skills for), it's working quite well. BTW - Hope you're fully recovered and feeling better TW!
  6. You're in luck. There's a lot of work done on the forum I used to write a lot on(bios mods) that specifically addresses how to patch MSR 0xE2, and unlock hidden menus etc. IIRC there's also an APTIO modding tool on Fernando's forum to directly patch these as well. But same as you, if it ain't broke don't fix. I've successfully upgraded my L511z to 10.11.5 and incrementally patch the HDA/IO/USB each release. Everything else works fine same as it did back in Mavericks. These days I use a retina MacBook Pro anyway, so no time for incrementally updating. I do have my eyes on the latest XPS w/Skylake tho... so you never know when I'll pop back into this again Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hey @TimeWalker75a - good to hear from you. Long time no speak! Keen to hear what you've been working on lately. Just an FYI, I've managed to get USB3 partially working on the Dell XPS15z, through kext manipulation and some DSDT edits. USB storage drives work fine and fast, and I can charge any devices from them. The only problem is with Apple devices, they charge OK but iTunes doesn't recognise them. But you're right, all support for NEC/Renesas is mostly dead otherwise. Pity.
  8. Won't work for your USB3 ports on 10.11 but works flawlessly on 10.10.5. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/150-patched-appleusbxhci/
  9. Turns out upgrading to 10.11.1 was less of a hassle than expected. Rehabman has implemented a backlight kext that works seamlessly with the existing ACPI calls so this plugs in nicely without any modifications. AppleHDA has been changed, so if replacing the 0x11D41984 codec with our 0x10EC0269 as usual, 0x11D41983 needs to be zeroed first, and then works fine. The single USB2 port on the XPS works thanks to a patched AppleUSBXHCI kext, but no solutions so far for the NEC/Renesas USB3 ports. Might be worth checking if anyone has had any luck flashing the USB PCI Vendor IDs to match the FL chipsets, but the best solution appears to be to develop a native USB3 kext. Otherwise the performance is surprisingly stable and runs at lower temps than Yosemite. Battery consumption looks better too; though this may be in part due to the fact that some USB3 internal devices are powered down. USB3 niggles aside, looks like 10.11 will remain on this machine for now.
  10. If it's the same sleep problem I had, putting EmuVariableUefi-64.efi back in the drivers64UEFI folder will solve it. This is due to non-standard implementations of NVRAM on our Dell machines, which sometimes wreaks havoc depending on what's stored. On other matters, seeing as 10.11.1 is out, has anyone tried to write USB & Backlight kexts for the Dell machines? El Capitan works surprisingly faster on my macbook pro than yosemite did, and wanted to see how it would run on the XPS 15z now that things seem to have stabilised...
  11. Hey TW - good to hear from you. I was periodically git pulling your hub to see if you had any updates Yes I had also manually re-patched HWmonitor as on the previous compile I lost fan speed, thought it was specific to my machine. Sounds like you have a new Mac - congrats. I'm personally waiting for the Skylake chipsets to come out on the xps range to make the upgrade, in the meantime am soldiering on with the L511z... Quick question; have you ever encountered random KPs with the IntelHD3000Graphics kext? I have it occasionally when resuming from sleep and/or blank screen mode. Could be a DSDT thing or else something endemic to the Intel chipset, seems like some Macbook users have the same issue but can't find anything specific...
  12. Thanks for the tip TW. I've solved the problem by switching to OsxAptioFix2Drv (instead of AptioFix) and setting mode 0 instead of 3/7 (I prefer sleep to RAM anyway and like you said I can see the red battery notification popping in any case so no need to hibernate). Oh and FWIW - the KP with VT-d can be solved with dart=0. Useful for bootloaders that cannot reliably drop specific SSDT tables (*cough*chameleon*cough*)
  13. Hi guys - just a quick observation/issue/whatever I just spotted. Not sure if it's been flagged already or if it can help to solve someone else's problems. I noticed that under Clover, on resume from sleep (mode 3) kernel_task, coreaudiod and windowserver exhibited very high CPU loads. This did not happen under Chameleon. Initially I thought it was the cvar issue, but even after clearing the nvram through Pflash the same issue kept occurring. Both on new and previous Clover versions. Finally I put EmuVariable-64.efi back into the driver64UEFI folder and now sleep under Clover works fine. Not sure if it's due to the recent changes in Clover (post 2947) or indeed any bugs in OsxAptioFix, but with the emulated efi the issue is solved. Until we have a better way of using nvram on our SCT 2.0....
  14. Try my own i7-2620m SSDT and replace it with whatever your SSDT is called. As TW said I don't think it's because of this, but at least you'll have eliminated one possibility. SSDT-4.aml.i7-2620m.zip
  15. I have a BCM43225 card which has been correctly patched to show up as an Airport card. Don't think the problem is with en0. ROM string is set to match the MAC address, as is well documented elsewhere. I have a user-generated serial which worked/works well on Chameleon. I suspect the MLB and/or UUID are more to blame, as per TW's suggestion. Interestingly though when I boot Yosemite under Chameleon, with iMessage_debug both MLB and ROM show up as the following: 2014-10-20 11:31:00.564 imessage_debug[8096:33757] 4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14:ROM: failed 2014-10-20 11:31:00.565 imessage_debug[8096:33757] 4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14:MLB: failed And FaceTime still works Because Clover does a better job and forces correct setting for ROM/MLB, it does not match up with the previous (unset) Chameleon settings and FT/IM stops working. Unless I can force Clover to unset any values I will need to call Apple with new UUID/MLB/ROM values to re-configure my account.