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    the problem is there are no pass on the harddrive
  2. endoloris PLZ a link to your wallpaper thanks
  3. Hey... I normaly I'm tsunami to install OpenSUSE but this time I have falied my parents computer is HP Pavilion and when I try to install the newest version of OpenSUSE it's starts as normal but the when I choose the harddrive I get a very wierd error messasge ~Error this harddriv is password protected~ wtf is happning ? 'cause I can install Ubuntu and dream linux but I can't install OpenSUSE any ideas what is happning ?????
  4. ph0en1xs link to wallpaper thanks N0M3UT3NT3 I love your wallpaper and dock theme could I get a link to your dock theme plz bw comment to my wallpaper as well plz
  5. som of my pictures

    Another image from Denmark (I'm danish) I would be glade if there is any commentes to the picture
  6. som of my pictures

    My Jalbum these pictures are from Møens klint in Denmark (north Europe) please leave a comment or critic if you want to - Looop
  7. Hello every one... I have 4 iPod Minis so I think it's time to use one or two as external harddrives but my problem is when i try to make them to a disk iTunes just says can't be don anyone know wtf is wrong ???????????????????? sorry my pure english I'm from Denmark the little country in the north of europe
  8. I have don that, I use photobucket.com
  9. My wallpaper a direct link then... how do I resize it ?
  10. This is my current wallpaper and it's this a normal use