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  1. well the bump was for the using a retail disk. I was getting that error when trying to use the GRUB disk from the very first post and retail disk. I can install using the iATKOS disk just fine, but trying to install using the retail has proved to be difficult. Any help?
  2. Thank you. I had ACHI enabled since install. I will try that file though, thanks
  3. I have included a screen shot of the actual model and what not. My issue is this... When I click on eject the drive light comes on, but then does nothing. My LG dvd drive works just fine, but for whatever reason my two asus dvd/rw drives don't. After repairing permissions sometimes they work, but then after a little big they again don't work. Anyone have a clue on what could be causing this issue? and what I can do to fix it?
  4. Love the tool. So I am having issues with downloading&install on two things it finds. I get an applescript error curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'osx86tools.osx86.hu' (6) And earlier It would not create a directory to download and install...
  5. Well I tried this with no luck. I have the same board as the OP (check my signature) I kept on getting this error RDMSR 198H, anyone have a clue on what it is and what I need to do to fix it
  6. DFE's BOOT-132 Resources Thread

    So did anyone get an ISO for this install? I would love to try this as I have this motherboard.
  7. anyone with a suggestion here?
  8. OK UPDATE When I run repair permissions and extensions they work again but not for long. Anyone know of a permanent fix for this? Very weird
  9. So here is the issue I have 3 drives on my computer. 2 of them are SATA Asus drives and the third is a LG Blue Ray Drive. The LG works great, opens and closes just fine. Well both of my ASUS drives don't open. The light shows green when I click open from the MAC and when I do it manually, but nothing happens. I am running iATKOS v7 and my specs are in my signature. Can anyone offer a bit of advice on a fix or mod to get them working like the LG? Thanks
  10. double post please delete....database errors on the board
  11. Man this is a great release! It is much quicker then my previous install of another developer. Thanks!
  12. I am going on 3 weeks now I believe with this on my CPU and I have had zero issues. Without a doubt a solid job!
  13. Itunes question

    Hope this helps. Just uncheck the copy files part and it will stream instead of copy
  14. That is what I can't understand. Why are people going through all that trouble when it seems like it would be easier to just reinstall , then import once you get into that screen. Or heck you can reinstall at any time I believe even after you are actually in the OS.