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  1. I tried in 10.11 PB2,Both Bluetooth and sleep work fine!
  2. New Things I use an app call iDSDT,fix your dsdt with HDA part and generate the modified appleHDA.kext it works, also can auto switch from headset jack to internal speaker...but microphone still not work. Maybe it will help your work. 1.iDSDT also need the HDA code get from the Linux. 2.if you want use the applehdamod.kext, you must delete the applehda.kext. idsdt.app.zip codec#0.zip
  3. Thanks for your work. I have a 8530w and install the Mountain lion DP2 successfully by use your dsdt. Cpu is T9600, seems speedstep works. DVD also works. I download a DSDT from an Chinese forum, the author says that it fixed the Brightness control by add Device (PNLF), also get DSDT + AppleHDA.kext working (10.6.7) and sleep works fine. But this DSDT result black screen to me. I fixed this dsdt and it doesn't result in black screen now. You guys can try it. Use scroll and pause to control the brightness, and use the attached applehda.kext. Sound works fine, auto-switch between speaker and headset. But the microphone still not work. Sleep also works fine. Use Fn+F3. Here is the DSDT and modified AppleHDA.kext. dsdt.zip