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  1. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    Sorry to break in on the excellent work. Is this the best spot to post a possible bug in RC4? It looks to me like a bug in the code that enables sleep without kexts. Please try putting your machines to sleep and waking them and then plugging in a peripheral. USB or firewire or eSATA in my case. Hard crash follows for me. I have contacted Rekursor with details. In short though: Hardware p55-UD4P i7 860 9800gt/4870/gtx285 Software 10.6.2 RC4 voodoo team build/RC4 AsereBLN 1.1.7 build/RC4-PCEFI10.5 combo Rekursor build My custom DSDT/tomymacx86's P55-UD4P DSDT PciRoot=1 to get graphics enabler to work. This is my first bug report so don't hold back. Feel free to give me feedback on how and where to bug post. On the whole though I have to say Chameleon has been rock solid for me! Thanks a lot for that!!! Regards, Shadowflay
  2. Here are the screen shots of the RAM displaying 8GB but the numbers in Activity monitor don't add up. However System Profiler shows 4x2GB DIMMS. In BIOS it says there are 2GB sticks in the second two slots however it also says they are not enable and I can't see for the life of my how to enable them. RTFM I hear you yelling.... I did, perhaps I am blind And here is how activity monitor sees the CPU. My question to all you guys with i7s of any kind is, is it usual to only have a single graph of CPU usage representing all the cores in the main activity monitor window as seen here while having 8 in the history window? I'll post results of changing voodoo power kext. Currently crashes on boot with -x (safe mode).
  3. I am along way off a "Retail Install"! I am using voodoo 9.8 kernel as stated above. Since the last post I have managed to boot with Chameleon 1.0.12 and mkext UD3P from UD3P boot132 CD. I have all CPU features turned on now. I see 8 cores in Activity monitor history window. Here's a question for you guys with a P45 UD4P or similar, how do you "enable" the second two DIMM slots in bios? It knows there are 4 DIMMs in but it says 2 are not enabled. Strangely under OSX I get 8GB reported but the numbers in Activity monitor don't add up to 8gb. I'll post a few screen shots from the machine. I am on my MBP Penryn atm. I really is handy to have a real mac that just works while doing this hackintosh stuff I'll repost in a sec from the beast with screen shots.
  4. Firstly, I am pleased to come out of the shadows of this forum and add some info after such a long time. Almost everything I have achieved is thanks to the OSx86 community. Hopefully I can contribute something new. So, building on others successes.... I have finally managed to boot 10.5.6, voodoo 9.8, busratio=21 -x -v, using boot 132 bootload from P45-UD3P(my other rig) on a P55 UD4P, i7 860. Basically all other settings I tried with the voodoo kernel resulted in a panic that seemed to relate to something called "com.superhai.driver.voodoopower....." I think booting with -x (safe mode) disallows it from loading. I have no idea where that file lives. If anyone knows I am willing to have a go at removing it. I turned almost everything off in BIOS as a start. I will post my BIOS settings once I have figured out which ones actually need to be off. I disabled basically every advanced CPU feature including 3 out of 4 cores. I will test if cpus=1 is need once I enable the other cores in BIOS again. Very exciting to know that $2k of computer is not going to be collecting dust!
  5. How is this a simple one liner in your very useful tutorial? In leopard disk util. won't go near the windows (NTFS) drive, nor the HFS+ partition I've created on it, can I install chameleon from the Windows side? or is there something else I should do? Thanks for the help here already though, it's pretty much the last thing bugging me before I have 100% awesome.