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  1. XFX R9 280X

    Flashed using the 10/17 bios for techpowerup, it worked, barely, but only momentarily. Everything was laggy and then the system finally freed zone kernel panic'd. Also, windows would bsod with this bios. Bad flash?
  2. XFX R9 280X

    Is there anything I can do to assist you in the work?
  3. XFX R9 280X

    I had tried booting without kernel caches and ge = no but no dice. If I boot using the IGFX I can see the card being recognized correctly. The farthest I get trying to boot the r9 is the end of the verbose output, no screen changes.
  4. XFX R9 280X

    Alright, so further investigion (it's been awhile since I had to fix stuff in hackintosh I've forgotten my way around). The card has vendor: 0x1002 device ID: 0x6798. I don't appear to have ATI7000Controller.kext (10.9.1), should my system have this kext or is that from 10.8?
  5. XFX R9 280X

    Hey, I just purchased an R9 280X hoping to use it with my hackintosh, (replacing an nvidia gtx260) but I seem to be unable to boot except in to safe mode (-x). I have tried the normal GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No dart=0 -v -f etc.. but none work without -x. I have a GA-Z87X-UD4H which boots perfectly fine with the gtx260. Only change was to use the 280X. What are my options from here? Are there certain kext's I can move or replace to see if I can get this going?