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  1. Attansic L1 Built-in on Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    Works great on my ASUS P5KR (Crossflashed) with Mountain Lion GM 10.8 installed. Thank you Rals2007!
  2. Hi tseug, I apologize for this late reply. I was very busy at school. Anyways, What I mean was that .... in Direction item 3. Terminal code. 'sudo install/mkboot OS\ X\ Lion\ DP\ 4.dmg /Volumes/USB\ Boot/' I have used exactly that same code line but I always got stuck and could not move on. So what I did, I omitted the last word, 'Boot/' in the code line and hit the 'Enter' key. Only then I was able to create the Lion USB installer which was successfully working during the installation process. Thank you again. i will keep on coming back for new updates... By the way, have you got any working Attansic L1 kext for Lion?
  3. @tseug: Thanks a lot! this works for my hardware. Completed the whole process of installing and fine tuning within 3 hours. I followed tseug's guide to create the USB device for LION DP4. I tried to follow his 'Direction #3. In Terminal'. BUT the 'Boot/ ' didn't work! I tried without it and I was able to process the code. Then, I booted from the USB device with the OS X Lion DP4 in it and proceeded with the installation. Everything went on smoothly; Finalized the HDD Volume and rebooted. Of course, I needed to install the network, audio, and other related kexts before I installed the LION DP4 Update with a newer version of ITunes which went on successfuly. Asus P5k with flushed Bios v.0703 P5KR Intel Core 2 Quad Core 2.66 mhz 5GB RAM DDR2 800 Nvidia GTX 470 (this was recognized immediately during installation) Realtek 8139c (not built-in)
  4. I have the same problem with Intel PM45 +ICH9. Is it possible for you to share what you did and your setup/configuration info? It would be nice to learn it from you. Thank you in advance.