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  1. Hello Folks. Happy new Year first. I have a nice Thinkpad E590 but could not enable Battery Percent. I used some Thinkpad Battery Hotpatches and also ACPIBattery.kext and SMCBattery.KEXT Negativ :-( Can a smart Guy help me out to enable Battery Percent Meter? I Uploaded the DSDT Folder Extracted with F4 Clover Option. Thank you soooo much and have a nice Day origin.zip
  2. KMBeatz

    Dell 7270 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Thank you so much Herve for the Quick Reply Happy new Year.
  3. Hello. I have Problems to Compile Virgin DSDT.aml from Clover. Can someone please help to fix it please? Happy New Year DSDT-4.aml
  4. KMBeatz

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hi Folks. I have a nice Asus T305 2in1 Tablet with Exotic ALC274 Codec. Its a Kabylake Tablet with i5 7y54 and Hd615 Graphics. OS is macOS Catalina 10.15.1. All Vanilla means no external Kext used like AppleHDA.kext etc I can't managed to activate Sound at all. I tried VodooHDA.kext and of course AppleHDA.kext with almost all Layout IDs. Send me admins-iMac.zip codec_dump.txt
  5. KMBeatz

    Asus X555 DSDT.aml Problem ( Solved )

    Yes its working. I patched know the Battery and i2c Trackpad. Maybe you can help to more the Trackpad Problem. I installed Voodooi2c.kext and the 3 Rehabman Voodoi2C Patches from the Repository. My Trackpad works now. But it Jumps and not stops until I taped to trackpad twice. Systemreport.zip
  6. Hello. I can Compile the Virgin DSDT.aml from my Asus Laptop. I can eliminate Arg0 Error but I error remain. Can somebody fix it Please?? Thank you so much DSDT.aml
  7. Hello someone help me out with this DSDT.aml I can't Compile. Its Virgin DSDT.aml from Clover F4 Button Mode. Thank you so much Folks. DSDT.aml
  8. KMBeatz

    Please Delete Admin.

    Double Post Sorry Admin. Can Deleted
  9. Hello Folks. I cant compile a Virgin DSDT.aml from a Toshiba Toshiba DSDT.aml
  10. KMBeatz

    Asus X555L DSDT.aml Compile error

    OK thanks. 1 error means i cant Compile right?
  11. KMBeatz

    Asus X555L DSDT.aml Compile error

    Hello. I cant ellimnate a DSDT.aml error. Can somebody help? DSDT.aml
  12. KMBeatz

    Asus K751 DSDT.aml Cant Compile

    Hallo Hackintosh Folks. I start a new Hack Laptop. Cant Compile my Virgin DSDT.aml Can please someone Help. DSDT.aml
  13. KMBeatz

    Dell 7350 2in1 Laptop DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    @MaLd0n I Updated to Bios Version A17 to resolve the Audio Issue. But now I cant Compile the new DSDT.aml. Can you Compile it Please again? Thank you so much DSDT.aml
  14. No its Enabled in Bios Herve. It is working in Windows and Live Linux ElemantaryOS.