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  1. Did somebody fixed the bluetooth problem yet?
  2. I have that problem too. In quick view the jpg is rendered very bad and the preview opens the jpeg's but shows a blank(white) image. I'm not satisfied yet with this installation. Bluetooth & Cardreader still doesn't work!
  3. What about bluetooth & card reader? Does anyone managed to fix them? Thank's
  4. Sorry for disturbing, I'm just trying to help! (I've deleted my post) happy new year
  5. Where is mac.boot.plist located? I can only fond com.apple.Boot.plist ! Is one and the same file? thanks
  6. I got the same problems! Did you managed to make things work with 1366 resolution? The kexts for resolution doesn't dork for me. I've tryed reinstalling those kext's 15 times and still nothing. help is needed here
  7. After installing SleepEnabler.kext I get kernell panic! Can I skip SleepEnabler.kext ? The 1366 x 768 Resolution does not nork for me! In system profiler says "Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded" Is this because i didn't install "SleepEnabler.kext" , when i'm trying to install SleepEnabler i get kernell panic! pls help
  8. Ho, ho, ho! Super nice Christmas pressent. Thanks. the only problem for me is that i don't have a rapidshare user account and i'm not able to download the bootsSL123. Can someone provide us a mirror? Thanks