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    I currently own a lenovo 3000 v100 and before i do anything i would like to know if it is a hackintosh. SYSTEM SPECS: Processor: Intel Core Duo T2500 2.0GHz- Graphics: Intel Media Accelerator 950 Ram-1gb GHZ-2.0 Motherboard- Mobile intel 945gm express chipset family windows xp SP2
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    Hmm i Have a question.

    Mac components+regular laptop shell= Fake mac with only different shell? could i make my own laptop with osx with same components as a real macbook or macbook pro?
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    lenovo 3000 v100

    Thanks, i can handle the rest from here thats all i needed
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    lenovo 3000 v100

    does anyone know of a good guide for this computer to be hackintoshed i cant find one at all
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    Lenovo 3000 v100 HELP

    what method works i cant find the right one