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  1. Some advice: 1. As a matter of precaution, I use two partitions on HDD: MACOS and TEST, and use Carbon Copy to make clone for such experiments. Plus Time Machine backup on separate disk. 2. My first upgrade also caused KP. I found out that I had not removed the following kexts in E/E before upgrade: disable, dsmos, and those in S/L/E: disabler, dsmos, fakesms. I think those were left from previous experiments with Mars and other manuals. I managed to restore with the following method: loaded MARS boot disk, replaced it with Retail SL, and used "restore from time machine backup". After successful restore removed kexts I mentioned above, and made upgrade. 3. Also you have to remove applehda to get back sound. Mike Also, you can load with MARS and RETAIL combination as I described, launch terminal (do not do the install), and use the following command to remove SleepEnabler: rm -R /Volumes/yourduiskwithSLname/System/Library/Extensions/SleepEnabler.kext Or, install MacDrive to Win7 and get access to your SL drive. I believe test version will allow to do it. Mike
  2. Hi everyone! I successfully upgraded MARS 10.6.1 to 10.6.2 via combo update. Sleep is OK. Update via software update caused KP. Keep in mind that you have to remove Sleepenabler kext BEFORE UPGRADE, and after upgrade install new 10.6.2 version from Netkas. Thanks to Ian T!!! Mikhail
  3. I finally found what prevented sleep on my P5Q (computer would go to sleep for about 5 seconds and wake up after that). The log gave "successful sleep" and "successful wake up" because of USB. In my case the reason was USB connection to my UPS - so UPS was sending the signal that was waking up the computer. After unplugging UPS sleep works OK!!! I also have Apple keyboard connected to PC and Logitech mouse plugged into the keyboard. My specs are: P5Q, E7400, XFX NVIDIA 9800GT, all HDD and ODD SATA