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  1. Installing Lion on ASUS P8Z68-V

    Okay, there are even 2 people reading this right now, please answer
  2. Installing Lion on ASUS P8Z68-V

    Cmon 41 views and no replies? Did I write something I wasn't supposed to? Cmon 41 views and no replies? Did I write something I wasn't supposed to?
  3. Hello, I am trying to install Lion on this system: Asus P8Z68-V (not Pro) Intel i5-2400 Corsair 4GB 1333MHz RAM XFX Radeon HD6870 Black Edition 1GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (Windows 7, Windows 8 Dev Preview and Ubuntu) Samsung 80GB (the HDD I want to install Lion on) (please ask if you need any more information and detail) So far I tried to install iATKOS L2 on my system. To do this I set up a Mac VM and then downloaded L2, restored the "sub-thing of the dmg" in Disk Utility to an 8GB USB stick that I formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then I installed Chameleon RC5 onto the iATKOS L2 USB which made it bootable. I restarted my system and told it to boot from my USB. It went to the bootloader (I white Apple-ish screen with all my partitions and a place to write commands such as -v, -x etc......). I selected my USB and pressed Enter without typing any boot commands in. It stayed stuck on the Apple logo with the revolving thing under it and nothing happened. Back in the day when I had installed 10.5 this bit had taken a LONG time so I left it running for about 30 minutes thinking something will happen. Nothing did. So I tried again in Verbose mode and it got stuck here: (http://www.box.com/s...1yttlusep31eso3). I have also tried booting with Safe Mode and Safe Mode + Verbose and some other commands, but no luck. Then someone told me to use ####### so I am wondering if the installation will boot using ###### on the "Install Mac OS X Lion.app". I haven't tried it yet because its still downloading. Till then I wanted to understand what I am doing wrong because I did the iATKOS L2 process described above at least four times. Also, I want to know if there are any other methods for installing Lion on the system described above and also if the ###### method I am trying will work or not on the system specs described above. Thank You in advance, Whoosh PS: (please ask if you need any more information and detail)
  4. I remember in around 2009 I had installed a version of iAtkos (can't remember which) and it had worked perfectly. It was 10.5 and everything worked from the sound, usb, wifi, 1280x800 display, boot up was fast, laptop was silent and I was happy. Then I had to install Windows 7 for a particular reason and ever since I have been out of the OSx86 scene. Now, I make my big comeback (haha kidding), and I am totally confused. All I want to do is install the latest version of 10.6 (i think that's 10.6.6 as I understand, and I want to install it so its updatable normally or at least easily) on my HP Compaq 6720s. I want to make everything work like last time (so sound, display, colour, wifi, usb, etc etc etc....) like last time but there are so many different things. Is this link any use to me? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=135410 I don't understand what it is talking about AT ALL. I was actually very good at this, but either I have forgotten all of the knowledge I had gathered two years back or there are completely new ways to install 10.6 on HP Compaq 6720s other than the packages I remember downloading. iAtkos had worked PERFECTLY for me, and I mean ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY, so I presume it might work to install 10.6 for me again. Is there a 10.6.6 or some update around 10.6.6 version of iAtkos and if so which one is it? Also if iAtkos isnt the right choice then which one is? Whatever the choice for me maybe, can you please tell me which packages I should select while installing 10.6 and which partition I should choose and things because I have forgotten everything that had worked for me before. This is my first post on this forum and I hope you guys will help me as I have seen lots of other people getting helped too and you guys sound nice Thanks in advance. Whoosh