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  1. Uninstalled SP1 RC (?), won't boot.

    Upgrade install? Can you do that from the install disk without getting into the OS?
  2. Run 32-bit app on 64

    If you come across any software that was made for x86 platforms it will work on x64 platforms. Only software like Smart FTP *say* that they don't work...
  3. I run Windows Vista x64 and went to uninstall the service pack I had installed, since I noticed I still had the 'Evaluation copy, 6001" or something like that in the lower right-hand corner still. So one uninstall process later, I find that upon completing part 2 of 3 my computer restarted but it would not boot afterward, it would just stay at a blank screen. I have tried repairing with the install disk but it didn't work, it would just run on and on and on, and did so for about an hour. Can anyone help!? I have my OSX installation that I can use to access the hard drive if need be as well as an extra partition to install windows on, just in case something like this happens, but I'd rather not use either of those as I'm having difficulty mounting the drives and don't want to install another copy of Windows.
  4. MacDrive Open-Source Alt?

  5. Hang on startup

    I thought I responded, but I guess it was when my inet went down. >.> Anyway, using ACPI and an unmodified kernel did the trick.... On to getting my wifi up (darn pci card doesn't look like its very compatible).
  6. I'm just looking for the Ralink drivers that have been fabled to work with the Airlink101 300N AWLH6080 Wireless card. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
  7. Hang on startup

    Bump. If anyone could still help. Wondering: Is there any resource that would allow me to make a loopmount partition to do this? That would be pretty weet...
  8. Hang on startup

    Thanks for trying... Is anyone able toffee some insight, possibly with a similar setup?
  9. Hang on startup

    iAtkos 5i 10.5.5 iirc. Fresh install, as well.
  10. Hang on startup

    It simply hangs at startup. The last line before this ongoing hang is: Apr 12 14:34:06 Localhost mDNSresponder-176.2 (Aug 15 2008 14:58:54)[30]: starting I can't do anything, and when I do this with the visual loading screen, the spinner stops dead in it's tracks. Running: Intel core 2 quad q6600 @ standard clock Nvidia geforce 8800 gts Gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l