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    Internal Mic not working

    I've had this problem since Lion as far as I recall. Never got a fully working AppleHDA since then (Snow Leopard was working fine) and I have been through every cat and mountain since then. Myabe, and just MAYBE we have to disable line-in just as voodooHDA does to make it work. Why? Well, If we carefully look into our linux codec dump, we will find that our internal mic is treated as a "Phantom Jack MIC" (Only by its name, I'm not completely sure what it really means) so I believe that our audio chipset automatically changes the audio-source path from Internal to External using the same pin complex node and audio mixer (And this could be the reason we only hear cracking noises from internal mic since we use a different pathmap for Internal and Jack, and Line-in not being disabled at the same time) It's only an idea on what's going on with our codec, haven't tried (Kinda busy looking for a job IRL) so I'll just leave this here if someone wanna give it a chance.
  2. Noispirit

    Internal Mic not working

    I had the same problem with the same códec but I resigned myself to make it working with AppleHDA so I use VoodooHDA now. Tried every combination available in pathmap but internal mic never worked well. I hope you have better luck with it! Funny thing is that VoodooHDA disables your line-in in pinconfig according to the dump, but both mic (Internal and Line-In) works with VoodooHDA
  3. Noispirit

    Internal Mic CX20590

    Hello! I can't get my internal mic to work in a Lenovo G470 with CX20590 audio chipset. I used Mirone's AppleHDA Patcher to get speaker and both jacks working but this tricky mic won't do any good. I already calculated my codec verbs and pathmaps thinking it could be a specific problem from my laptop but they were the same as generated by patcher. Internal mic pathmap should be 20 - 23 - 26 as you can see in codec_dump with audio selector 24 and audio input 21 also associated but not used by the internal mic. Already tried different combinations to see if I managed to fix it. Instead, All I hear is some cracking noise output when recording and glitchy sound detection from sound pref panel. I already checked command verbs and tried both Patcher and mine. Both works for everything except Internal Mic. I have no clue what could be. Internal Mic is working as I just tried with VoodooHDA but I need HDMI Sound and VoodooHDA does not support my HD3000 Any help I would be grateful. my verb commands: 01971C10 01971D10 01971E21 01971F04 01A71C20 01A71D10 01A71EA0 01A71F95 01B71C30 01B71D10 01B71E81 01B71F04 01B70C02 01F71C40 01F71D01 01F71E17 01F71F90 Thank you! codec_dump.txt voodoo_dump.txt Platforms.xml