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  1. ALC892 appleHDA v2.0.5 Snow 10.6.8

    any word on the hex bin patch used with your method?
  2. DSDT editor and patcher

    Did you ever managed to get wake from sleep working? mine goes to sleep fine, tries to wake up but no screen or mouse/kb/lan lights and needs a hard reboot. //Edit: Nvm, found a way to fix the sleep/wake issue on my asrock z68 board, in case anyone needs this i wrote a quick guide
  3. Nvidia EVGA GTX 570HD SC

    Hi hangsten, had to revert back to using chimera as something weird was happening when booting with revoboot, it gave me 73fps on cine but UI and quicktime were lagging a lot, and the sound would start to crackle, things like that so i deleted that post So, the UI lag is now gone, quicktime videos are playing as expected now. I believe chimera from 1.4+ has the GraphicsEnabler auto-detection. The OC is set to 48 in UEFI on the manual max ratio setting with an offset of 0,010v, to make it run @ 1.3v on full load, ran prime95 for 12 hours, no errors/bsods. I'd guess that's the max turbo ratio, prior to setting that multiplier i would only get 3.4ghz (100mhz more) on default settings. Temp wise it gets a bit hot at full load on prolonged times, like 75C but still within safe values i think. Running SSDT_PR with 6 turbo states and speedstepper with vanilla AICPUPM but only getting 2 p-states (16 and 48) because it doesn't work on lion imac12,2 yet or so i read.
  4. RevoBoot

    Did you ever manage to fix this? I'm having the same issue, reboots itself right after those lines perhaps a few seconds later. Its been a while since you posted that, not sure if the devs are still around on this project :s
  5. Nvidia EVGA GTX 570HD SC

    Anyone in here with the gtx 570 experiencing some lag with user interface? like when opening the launchpad, there is some stuttering (seems like the animation is playing on very low fps) whereas my cinebench goes up to 53fps (on i5-2500k oc'd to 4.8ghz) quite good i'd say, but my hd4870 outplays the gtx570 as in how smooth the animation goes, even though the hd4870 cinebench only goes up to 26fps. There is something wrong with the nvidia drivers for this card, im not sure if it happens the same on the 580/590 cards.
  6. any luck in finding an aswer? I'm looking to buy this board, would you recommend for a hack rig??
  7. Mac OS X Lion GM - Ethernet

    Try using lnx2mac's realtek kexts http://lnx2mac.blogspot.com/p/realtekrtl81xx-osx-driver.html works for me on the same board
  8. Few things i've noticed so far with this board using Lion GM * Wake after sleep causes CMOS reset in this board on next reboot * Lan doesn't work without installing a kext (used to work just fine with DSDT patching)
  9. did anyone experience something like this with the dvd/cd drive? my dvd tray is being ejected randomly on its own, it doesn't matter if im using the pc or being afk, the dvd tray comes up and then i have to press the eject button a few times to close it again, sometimes it will come up again and i have to press the eject button until it finally stays closed. It doesn't happen too often but it kind of scares me sometimes when im focused reading a paper or a web site, the dvd tray suddenly comes up. This is OSX 10.6.3
  10. Im using SleepEnabler.kext coupled with NullCPUPower...kext , and sleep works wonderfully. Only works with SleepEnabler tho. SleepEnabler.kext.zip
  11. HD4870

    Have you tried switching to the next DVI port near the mobo, not sure if that would help though. All i did was about installing netkas 10.3 pc efi, removed device properties from boot.plist, removed evoenabler.kext from the /Extra folder, rebuilt Extensions.mkext with 'rebuildcache' script from digital_dreamer, rebooted and voila, full screen resolution 1680x1050 with qe/ci/etc all enabled. Removing your graphics card information from the DSDT.aml should probably help as well (same effect as com.apple.boot.plist). For the record, my graphics card is a Sapphire Radeon HD4870 512MB model 100259L.
  12. HD4870

    I just tried it and i had quite an opposite experience!! My HD 4870 512mb is now automatically recognized without the use of evoenabler.kext or any other kext based modification (ATINRDRV, ATIDRV, ATI4800Controller.kext, etc). Just make sure you remove your efi strings from com.apple.boot.plist and it should work right ahead. Wake/Sleep are now fully working with the help of SleepEnabler.kext QE/CI/Res. Change all working. Probably the best i could get so far with SL 64bits mode.
  13. HD4870

    I believe evoenabler.kext is giving problems with the wake from sleep feature. I get no screen once my system wakes up and thus the reason on why I'm looking for a non based kext solution (preferably boot.plist or dsdt method). Im gonna try netkas 10.3, see how it goes on HD4870 512MB and report back asap.
  14. HD4870

    Did anyone manage to boot hd 4870 without using evoenabler.kext? using boot.plist o dsdt methods