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  1. Howdy all, I have my hackintosh, lovingly built and maintained up for sale. Fairly top notch specs. Completely working, dual booting 10.6.4 and Windows 7 Ultimate. OSX partition runs off a 16G SSD boot drive, coupled with 1T data drive. Windows is on a 320G drive. Specs below. This machine was designed for some heavy lifting on both gaming and/or graphics design/video editing. Asking $1800, but willing to entertain other offers depending on demand. About $1800 went into it including OS's. Add to that a LOT of hours to get it all working smoothly. -Antec P182 Gun Metal Black Case -Asus P6T Intel x58 Mobo -Core i7 920 2.66GHz -6 Gigs Coursair Dominator DDR3 1600 Triple Channel RAM -Radeon 4830 GPU -320Gig Boot Drive -16Gig SSD for applications -1T Data Drive -ABS Tagan BZ Series BZ1100 1100W Power Supply. This is a $300 power supply capable of SLI, Crossfire, and just about anything you could humanly throw at it. It -is designed to be the last PS you ever by as a computer modder. -Windows 7 Ultimate -OSX 10.6.3
  2. Unable to Log in

    Howdy all, I have a vanilla 10.6.3 installation that has been running like a champ for months. I'm running OSX and most applications off a 16G SSD, and the home folder combined with all media from a 1T drive. About a month ago, I tried to log in and got the message in the topic description. Very odd. Rebooted, and everything was fine. Yesterday, I rebooted and everything was not fine. I can't get in. I've mounted both drives on another mac and repiared the disks (the OSX drive was corrupted). No go. Not sure what else to do. I can easily get at all the info, but my main computer is now disabled. Any ideas? I have an HDD sled, so mounting the drives on a MBP is a cinch. Mark
  3. Just checked back in with this thread, and wish I had earlier. I just finished a brand new install using Tweak41s stuff along with the p6t Slim files from earlier in this thread. Got 10.6.3 up and running with 3 caveats. Wondering if I can run some of your stuff (pfix?) to sort some of it out. The smaller issues are audio and sleep. THe greater issue is graphics. I'm running an ATI 4830, and getting it working on 10.6.0 was a nightmare. I can go through the process I went through before, but would love it if you had any suggestions before I do so. Thanks, Target
  4. The RAM limitation is a fairly big deal for me. I'm currently running a Windows 7 VM full time, as well as an Ubuntu, and I'd like to have an XP going. All to set up test beds for some dev work we have going. I'm currently at 6Gigs of RAM and will be going to 12 once I have everything working nicely. I currently have a 16G SSD as a boot drive which is incredible, and do believe that I've eliminated nearly every bottleneck from the system other than the lack of RAM. Target
  5. Thanks a ton for the response. The main reason I want to use the 64 bit mode is that I'm locked at 4Gigs of RAM right now. My understanding is that this is a 32 bit limitation, but based on what you wrote above, I'm guessing this isn't the case. Any ideas on what might be wrong? Is replacing/deleting kexts as simple as the DSDT file? Can I just delete and use Kext helper? Target
  6. Howdy all, First, as always, thanks tremendously for the guide. Its one of the best. Well, I finally have a working install with an HD 4830. If anyone is having problems with that graphics card, shoot me a PM. I do have 2 quick questions. First, if I want to update things like the DSDT file, can I just go into the EFI boot partition, and replace the file? Seems like it can't be that easy. Second, I just realized I'm only running in 32bit mode. I tried editing the com.apple.boot file to force it to boot into 64 bit, and the system hung (had to load under single user mode to change back). Any suggestions? I know this has been talked about, but it will take me forever to read through the entire thread again. Thanks, Target
  7. How can I get rid of a kext once its been installed? I use Kext Helper to add kexts to an existing system. I am in the first PCI-e spot.
  8. Howdy, Many thanks for this walktrough. I followed the Tweak41 walkthrough using your essentials. I have a Radeon 4830 GPU. I replaced the boot file on the install disk with the EFI 10.3 one for Radeon cards. Everything is working great, except for the GPU. No ability to change resolution or QE. I've had this problem before, and can't seem to get this graphics card working. Every time I try one of netkas fixes for 48xx cards, it bricks the entire install and I have to start over. Any help appreciated. Target
  9. SparkDude I'm running on a p6t standard, i7 920, ATI 4830. Installing OSX on a 16G SSD if that matters. I've done an install using the gude here, coupled with some some work to make it work for the non-SE p6t that is posted around post 10. I've gotten a fully working install with the exception of the graphics card. Using a pkg found in this post I managed to brick the entire system rather than fix it. Being back on square one, I've decided to wait for the new magic stick method, as it seems generally more elegant, and I like the community here. Welcome to any ideas, As I'd very much like to get a working system up asap, even if I have to wait a bit for full graphics support. Seems like with the magic stick method I can update the magic stick without having to do the install from scratch. As to how my magic stick installs went, you can see where I was repeatedly getting stuck at post 321 of this thread. Thanks, Target
  10. I've had less than no success . I actually can't even get a bootable install, and I'm relatively certain i've pinpointed the problem to my ATI 4830. I'm waiting with baited breath for the new files. Target
  11. The walkthrough I mentioned is p6t non SE only, and can be found here. I'm not a person to scream 'search' every time someone asks a question, but if you search p6t, its the second result, and all of the top 5 are relevant to our plight. Definitely hit the search up as you try to get this board working. Target
  12. I can't change the resolution at all. In the display preference pane, the only option I have is 1024x768. On a possibly related note, as a test I tried to load a game up (Demigods) via Parallels. Getting an error "Unable to create Direct3D. Please ensure system has current video drivers." I'm relatively certain that both Windows 7 and OSX have no idea what kind of graphics card i have. Target
  13. 99% There. First let me just say, this is fantastic. Huge thanks to Tweak as well as Awol. I'm on a p6t standard coupled with an ATI 4830. I used Awol's p6t Essentails, and replaced the 'boot' file on the flashdrive with the EFI v3 for the ATI card. Now, I've gotten everything working except screen resolution. I'm on a 23 inch monitor stuck at 1024x768. Anyone have any idea if there's another kext I need or just something I'm missing? Regards, Target
  14. Thanks a ton for the help. I've been working on this for several days now, and am dying to get a working install up. I'll be around all night if you want a test machine with an ATI 4830 to test on. Target
  15. I scaled it back to stop the overclocking, and I'm getting further now, but its still freezing. The last error that comes up when I use -v -f to boot is: ** AppleSMBusPCI :: Start failed to get acpi path for provider NTFS volume name , version 3.1. Previous Shutdown Cause: 3 DSMOS has arrived ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::pushCPU_CSTData - _CST evalutation failed AppleTyMCEDriver::start coreVIDPID = 0xfffffff Number of Packages = 1 Number of cpus = 8 memory monitor trough MCR com_psystart_RealtekR1000: Ethernet address 00:24:8c:5a:69:da