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  1. Just read the release notes for macOS 10.13.4 and am now wondering if it would be at all possible to pretend that a laptops dGPU (such as the GTX 1050 on my XPS 15 9560) is an eGPU and get it working that way? Since eGPUs attach via a Thunderbolt to PCIe bridge, it seems to me that an internal PCIe attached dGPU should architecturally look pretty similar to an external eGPU. Thoughts on this?
  2. Yeah but that's easy and cheap to replace.
  3. it's true you won't get the GeForce card working under macOS, but the rest you can make work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'll have whatever this guy is smoking please. How do you read this thread and come to that conclusion mate?
  5. Is there a good reason why we don't use the issue system available on GitHub?
  6. Speak for yourself mate, no dual-boot on my machine... I'm triple booting
  7. I'm having issues with Thunderbolt 3 on mine as well, I have a Dell TB16 docking station, and I've never been able to get it to be detected in macOS, in system information it just says no Thunderbolt devices connected or something to that effect. Had this issue both on 10.12.5 and 10.12.6. Both when emulating a Skylake MacBook Pro, and a Kaby Lake one.
  8. Theres a Github project with the goal of reverse engineering a Linux driver for it. Looking at it though, it appears the 9560 is using the 138a:0091 device which the project mentions behaves differently than the 138a:0090 device which is seeing the most progress. https://github.com/nmikhailov/Validity90 EDIT: Checked out the project gitter, seems like the :0091 device doesn't encrypt the protocol communication like the other similar devices do.
  9. What about NVMe? Do you still need the HackrNVMe patch?
  10. You don't owe us anything, keep doing your thing when you have time man, we all appreciate your work. In other news, 10.12.6 is now released. We know 10.13 adds Kaby Lake and native NVMe support for more than just 4k disks. I've been assuming the NVMe additions were for some hardware that needed it, so it would make sense for 10.12.6 to consolidate hardware support and add the same NVMe support that 10.13 does, am I being too presumptive here?
  11. Obviously this is sad news, especially for those of us who were hoping for an update for ESXi 6.5 compatibility, guess I'll have to downgrade to ESXi 6! Nevertheless I completely understand your decision. Thank you for all the work you've put into this project over the years, hopefully someone comes along and takes over
  12. I'd wager a guess that there aren't that many people running High Sierra on XPS 15s yet. I'm sure given time this issue will be dealt with
  13. Will be interesting to see if 10.12.6 adds native support for NVMe disks with 512 byte sectors like HS does.