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  1. Hi there, since Apple will someday release a version of BootCamp which includes features like the on-screen display feedback or proper support of the light sensor, some functions of your wonderful tool might become obsolete. Wouldn't it be possible to change the way the programm works to support some kind of modular install process? That way we could f.e. just install the fan controll or whatever the user wants to use the tool for... Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi there, I remember reading somewhere that Apple underclocks the ATI Mobility x1600 GPU when running MacOS on a MacBook Pro. I'm currently using Vista on MBP C2D and get get the powersaving features of the ATI card to work at all, causing my notebook to run at full speed all the time. Is it possible to somehow manually underclock the GPU under Vista? If so, to what level does Apple underclock the GPU under MacOS? Thanks, TOM
  3. Request: Power saving functions for backlight

    Any comments?
  4. Hey there, I've been wondering lately how the fan control of IR actually works. Does it use ACPI or some other kind of interface? Could you provide us with the required code to control the fans so that I could include this features into other tools (like "Notebook Hardware Control")? Thanks, TOM
  5. Input Remapper 1.0.04 Release

    Could someone post a picture of what the new onscreen notifications actually looks like?
  6. "No Battery Is Detected" in Vista MBP - SOLVED!

    I'm having the same problem - but with a little twist: I've been using Vista x32 on my MBP for a while now and the power meter always worked as it should. But after a reboot today, I suddently get this "no battery is detected" message as well :-(
  7. I'm not sure if I've already requested this on some other occasion, but would it be possible to include some kind of power saving function similar to the one found under MacOS? Since IR has control over the keyboard as well as the screen backlight I'd love to see the keyboard backlight turned off or the screened dimmed after a period of inactivity... Keep up the good work, TOM
  8. MBP and Vista: Why much warmer than running MacOS-X?

    I still don't buy that line of thought. If I don't touch the system and let it stay in an idle mode, the cpu isnt't used for more than somewhat around 3% of it's max power. Same with the GPU: If I don't touch the system, the Aero interface doesn't have to render any news stuff and the system still runs way too hot. My best guess (and observation) so far would be, that the power managing functions under vista aren't supported properly by the BootCamp drivers (yet). No matter how much stuff I actually do on my MBP, both the CPU and GPU seem to constantly run at a maximum performance level.
  9. Performance Counters & USB HID

    Can't really help you out - but I have the same problem on a MBP running Vista. My guess would be, that these devices are somehow related to the missing power-saving features.... Maybe we are still missing some drivers here (or a better bios emulation) which causes Vista to not properly support power saving in the current bootcamp release!?
  10. Vista no play nice with power managment

    Well, I can't confirm that: I've installed the latest Intel chipset drivers as well as various versions of ATIs mobility drivers for Vista (which are apparently no longer available on their website) on my C2D MacBook Pro. But neither the SpeedStep of the CPU nor the PowerPlay Features of the ATI gpu seem to work properly on my two systems.
  11. Hi there folks, I'm currently running Vista Home Premium on a 2,16 GHz C2D MacBook Pro with the latest beta version of the BootCamp driver suite installed on it and all of its components seem to run fairly well. However, my MBP gets quite hot after a short period of time under Vista compared to running comparable applications (mail client & browser) on Mac OS-X. Why is that so and how can I get my MBP to be as cool under Vista as it is running OS-X?! I've already set the fan speed up to 2000rpm and set the Vista power saving features to the highest levels (just like in OS-X)... Since the hardware configuration remains the same, I'm wondering what precisely cause it to heat up in Vista!? Is it just the CPU or even the GPU? Why is it so different on OS-X? Thanks, Tom
  12. How to uninstall Boot Camp 1.2 Keyboard Drivers

    How do I get rid off the Brightness tool in the taskbar? Or is it required for IR to function properly? Any other programs of BootCamp 1.2 that is not needed?
  13. MBP with C2D: CPU won't go below 2,16GHz in Vista

    Maybe someone could tell me which kind of chipset Apple build into their MBP (with a C2D) and I could give some of the new vista drivers on the intel site a try...?!
  14. Hi there, just got my copy of Windows Vista Home Premium and installed it on my MacBook Pro (C2D 2.16 GHz CPU) without running into any major problems. However, I've just realized that the cpu clock is somehow locked at the maximum speed all the time and won't drop below 2,16GHz (even when I'm not running any applications)! Any ideas? I've already checked the power management settings (which are set so the highest energy saving level) or unpluged the power cable... Thanks, Tom
  15. Input Remapper 1.0.00 Alpha

    Just would like to pitch some more ideas for your "to-do-list": since your tool has controll over the screen- as well as the keyboard-backlight, how about integrating some of the powersaving functions found in MacOSX - like reducing the screen brightness or turning off the keyboard-backlight after a certain amount of user inactivity?