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  1. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Sorry it took me a while to reply. According to what you said in your last post, that is exactly how I installed my laptops OSes. I made three partitions, the first for windows, second for OSX, and third for linux(which I eventually split into swap and linux). I then installed Snow Leopard first, into the second partition, then windows into the first partition, and finally linux into the third/fourth. What I think messed up the boot was the update to 10.6.6. I have a feeling that it overrode the bootloaders. Instead of doing what I did and reinstalling chameleon, I think I probably should have done a Windows 7 BCD repair first, then tried to reinstall chameleon after resetting the BCD. I'll probably be giving it a shot this weekend when I get time, and post my results here for future references.
  2. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Do windows and osx create their own respective partitions by taking a small piece from their main partition or do I need to create two small partitions for each one. If not, here's how I'm going to partition: 110GB: Windows 7 (install 1st) 110GB: OSX (install 2nd) 18GB:Linux Mint (I only use it for diagnostics, codec dumps, etc...not for regular use) 2GB: Linux Swap I think that should be fine. Also, I have a portable drive, so I'm going to back up all of my kexts, which is basically what I don't already have on a dvd or other computer. Thanks for your help by the way. I think my main problem is installing OSX first instead of windows, which ends up binding the drives with GPT, and prevents windows from doing its thing.
  3. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Well this is on a laptop so I only have one hard drive, and yes, my partitions really are this odd, and they worked perfectly fine until I updated to 10.6.6. How should my partition scheme be. I think I'll try what you said and just start with a clean drive, and reinstall everything.
  4. Windows 7 Disappeared

    UPDATE: I decided to just reinstall windows 7 and then use some recovery software to get whatever I can back. I reformatted the old windows partition, but the windows installer won't let me install because it's on GPT. I remember that I used to know how to avoid this, but not anymore. I also formatted a couple times in the windows installer, but the partition is still messed up. I know I could probably reinstall everything including OSX, but that would be a pain. Any ideas? All right, I got ptedit working by creating a windows PE disk. Then I changed the second partition's type to 07, but it told me I have to put in the right starting sectors, which I have no idea about. I attached an image so you can take a look. Partition 1: EFI Partition 2: Supposed to be Windows 7 Partition 3: Snow Leopard 10.6.6 Partition 4: Linux Mint
  5. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Well your tip worked perfectly, but when I try to run ptedit it gives me "This file is no valid FreeCom or of an incompatible version: C:\PTEDIT.exe". Currently I'm trying to see if I can find possibly a working version of ptedit, but I think the problem was in DOS, not the application.
  6. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Well when I did cd C:\, it didn't actually show the directory as being C:, but showed \A: When I tried cd \C:\ it said CHDIR failed, and then I tried variations of command.com and running PTEDIT in the root A: directory and C: directory, but to no avail.
  7. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Osm@rbcn: Yeah, I tried that and the windows disk utility. Just windows says I need to format the disk and the diskpart utility won't let me repair or even touch a partition that isn't mbr. I think what mcgyver was saying is right. I need to force the partition to be marked as NTFS. When plugged into windows it gets detected as a RAW partition.
  8. Windows 7 Disappeared

    I did what you said and the DOS opens up fine. I copied the ptedit.exe into the root of the flash drive folder. When I boot DOS and type in "command.com A:\ptedit" it says "unable to open file 'A:\ptedit.exe'". Was I supposed to do something else?
  9. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Well I found a few ptedit downloads except they were all floppy bootables. I tried to extract it to my flash drive, but the software didn't detect it. On top of that I have no idea how to use it. From what I can see it seems to be hexish, but once again I'm totally new to this. Right now I'm trying to see if I can somehow easily edit the windows recovery disk to bypass a windows version check and go to startup repair. I'll post if anything happens.
  10. Windows 7 Disappeared

    I hate to be annoying, but seriously? No one can help? I feel that someone in these forums knows about fixing a messed up multiboot. I would love to reinstall, but I just have too many important documents and pictures on the windows drive to do so.
  11. Windows 7 Disappeared

    Just a quick update: The problem is still there, but with a little tinkering I think I managed to make the windows 7 partition appear on the chameleon list. Now the GPT Unknown partition no longer reboots chameleon, but rather boots the blinking underscore. The windows 7 repair disk still says I'm using a different version of windows. I'm still going to keep trying random solutions, hoping that I'll come across something that works. Once again all ideas are appreciated, but I would prefer not to start from a fresh install because of all of the data/documents I have on my windows partition.
  12. Hey guys I have a dell m1330 and am tri booting windows 7, snow leopard, and linux mint. Until today everything was working perfectly. Today I decided to upgrade to 10.6.6. The installation itself went fine, and after deleting applehda (which was causing a kernel panic because I also had voodoohda installed), I rebooted to make sure everything worked. Chameleon detected that all three OS's were installed, but when I tried to run windows, I got the infamous blinking cursor. I then thought it was a chameleon problem and tried to reinstall chameleon, but now the windows partition doesn't even appear. Instead it says Unknown GPT, which, when opened, just boots chameleon again. I tried to reinstall chameleon and nothing changed. I also tried to set the windows partition as active in both gparted and the osx fdisk tool. The osx tool did nothing, but gparted allowed me to boot to the flashing underscore. I then tried to load the windows installation disk to recover the original mbr bootloader, so I could start the chameleon install from scratch, but the disk kept saying that I was using a different windows version, which usually means that its not detecting the partition properly. I've tried everything I know, which may not be much, so now I need some expert advice.
  13. Ahh, I should have put that in my post. I had already deleted applehda and I also had tried both s/l/e and extra/extensions for the location of voodoohda, but neither worked. Right now I have it in s/l/e. I also don't get any audio through headphones. I also deleted the prefpane I had before and installed another, more recent one, but that one gives me "cannot get registry-entry path". Would you be able to provide me a copy of your voodoohda and prefpane file? EDIT: Turns out I was using the wrong kext. I went to superhai's guide and downloaded each kext and checked them all and it just so happened that one of them worked.
  14. All right, I'm gonna give this one more go. Every time I posted before, this thread was dead and no one bothered to help. I have everything working on my dell m1330 except for the sound and the card reader. I don't really care about the card reader, but I do need sound for some editing work. My voodoohda kext from superhai's boot cd worked until I updated to 10.6.2 and after that it just stopped working. I tried to see if updating could do anything, but to no avail, and now I'm on 10.6.4. I've tried to install quite a few different kexts, but none work. Nothing ever comes up in the audio devices panel. I also have the voodoohda prefpane installed but I keep getting the error "You can’t open ${PRODUCT_NAME} preferences because it doesn’t work on an Intel-based Mac." I'm not quite sure how to get sound working at this point. It seems that tons of people have it working perfectly somehow. If anyone would mind either A) Uploading their kext or Telling me how to get my kext working (I got it from superhai's boot cd), I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  15. @hirn_verbrannt: If you can, you should probably format your hdd, then partition using your snow leopard dvd's disk utility. That may help your problem, but I'm not sure.