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  1. Snow Leopard

    The current build of Snow Leopard is 1.5 months old. I'm sure they'll preview it in a February of March special event along with the new iMacs and Mac Minis.
  2. Snow Leopard

    These are old screenshots of build 10a96 (which is 6 months old). The build that will be shown at Macworld will probably be somewhere between 10a235 and 10a255. ~matt
  3. They also said there are a few new minor features and interface enhancements. Sounds cool. Now screenshots please :-)
  4. I'm guessing not a lot since the demand for Snow Leopard isn't as high as for Leopard, since there aren't many end-user features, only architectural improvements. Also, there isn't a lot of discussion going on about Snow Leopard in the forums. We used to get about 30-40 new posts a day when a new build of Leopard was released. Now we get like 5 or 6... It's been almost 5 days and even screenshots haven't leaked! ~Matt
  5. By the looks of it, we probably won't see it until Sunday at the earliest. ~Matt
  6. I'm guessing we won't see it until next weekend at least.
  7. I doubt it's going to leak any time soon. We haven't even seen screenshots of it yet. The WWDC build of Snow Leopard took 9 days to leak. ~Matt
  8. New Snow Leopard build due soon

    Anyone know what's new? ~Matt
  9. New Snow Leopard build due soon

    Build 10a190 was just mentioned on the launchd bug trac. Hopefully we'll see a build soon. ~Matt
  10. AppleInsider is reporting that premium ADC members will finally see a new build of Snow Leopard in the next few weeks. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/10..._imageboot.html Looking at the launchd timeline, it looks as if there is a lot of code cleanup and organization going on which could indicate a new build of Snow Leopard coming soon. I also noticed a lot of bug fixes coming in that have to do with 64-bit processing and other more minor things. I also noticed that the ADC reference library has been updated a couple of days back, so that could also be an indication of something. http://developer.apple.com/referencelibrar...x-rev-date.html
  11. New builds?

    Thanks for the explanation. ~Matt
  12. New builds?

    That's interesting. Then why was build 10a127 mentioned on the launchd Trac last week?
  13. Video display is horrible

    http://launchd.macosforge.org/trac/changeset/23712 Build 10A127 was just mentioned today... 10A127: com.apple.launchctl.System causes 20s stall at installer shutdown
  14. New builds?

    Thanks. It's been over 3 months since WWDC and still no new builds http://launchd.macosforge.org/trac/timeline Looking at the launchd timeline there hasn't been any changes in over a week. What could this indicate? I also noticed that there haven't been any mentions of Snow Leopard builds for 4 months now? http://launchd.macosforge.org/trac/search?...&ticket=off
  15. New builds?

    Does anyone know if we'll see any new Snow Leopard builds/seeds any time soon or should I download the current Developer Preview to try it out. I remember we got the first Tiger/Leopard seeds around 2 months after WWDC 04/06. ~Matt