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  1. Mac OS 10.6.7 + HP dv7t-1200

    I suggest you take a look at this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1651874 Start from there!
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    @Mald0n The DSDT's you gave wont work I did not have brightness! and when i used them, there was no graphics injection and also my other devices like ethernet and firewire so can you pls check in to that?
  3. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    @mald0n Thanks alot!! Will let you know
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey Mald0n!! I have attached my DSDT! Can you please help me to add the 2 entries from: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...amp;pid=1583900 Its the GenericBrightness.kext edits for DSDT! And is it possible to create 2 DSDts for me? One with Device(HDEF) included and one DSDT without Device(HDEF) ( so that i can test voodooHDA) hope to hear from you soon! thanks alot in advance! dsdt.kunal_HPET.zip
  5. Great! Another user with DV5!! I have everything also working except sound and HDMI video+Audio How did you get HDMI video to work? im using DSDT for graphics and basically everything else!!
  6. @Mammoth, I couldnt find a solution! but no worries! as you are busy i shall be patient!!
  7. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey @Mald0n, Need to create patch for my Audio!! Willing to help? Mammoth suggested you as the right person to ask!!
  8. Hello Mammoth, I have it working (installed on a separate HD) but sound, HDMI (audio/video) and brightness weren’t working. Due to the sound sleep also had issues! I use those daily so I got really stressed out trying to get them to work since I really wanted to use my hackintosh as my main system!! And as for sound, my chip was different so I did try contact Taptun but seems he has been busy! If a legacyHDA for my laptop can be created by him them are sure HDMI audio and video can both be resolved. I am back and when you are willing to help me fine tune for the sound and all pls let me know as I would like to really use it as the main system!! Im back! PS: Everyone and especially Mammoth thanks a lot for the motivation when I have just felt like quitting. Means much to me Also ekwj thanks alot! i will get this working
  9. Ive personally given up. Saving up for a new Macbook Pro. Heading for a 2012 refresh. Nice knowing everyone:)
  10. @Mammoth, I am going to try install afresh using the new files!! Will check if the Audio,Brightness and HDMI have started working! Then I have a perfect install!!! Cant wait! please help me out when you get time! Sadly our Audio ID's are different. Hopefully if Taptun can help me out here!! About the Brightness and HDMI! Mammoth! will wait for you! EDIT: Audio,Brightness and HDMI still not working!!!
  11. @Mammoth Pls check my post also and help me out when you get time Thanks alot!
  12. @Mammoth!! SUCCESS!!! I had a successful install. Firstly I will tell you how I did it, had a couple of things that are not working and things that I noticed. Initially the V2.00 did not work for me until I did not replace the SMBIOS.plist in the extra folder. I got the SMBIOS.plist from the "preboot.dmg" file from the Mammoth V1.5 Boot CD. This file was copied to the V2.00 MIID(in to the extra folder). I then booted the in to the installer, executed the "installer log" trick. Now as noted by another user, it is not "/Volumes/Cham/Finish" It is "/Volumes/CIIF/Finish" As expected the "/Volumes/CIIF/Finish" command installed the bootloader to the internal disk drive and it was the Macpro3,1 SMBIOS.plist provided by default during installation. So during my first boot I used the bootloader on the internal drive and there I am sitting on my OS X Destop. I also successfully updated to 10.6.6 and i am using chocolate kernel. In theory it might look complicated but it is not as complicated. Now the things that are not working are: # Audio: I followed what the guide said and "enableaudio" was run before 10.6.6 COMBO update restart. Despite all that, i get a grayed out volume control. In system preferences i get "No output device" I think this is because Mammoth your audio chip is "IDT 92HD75B3" and mine is "IDT 92HD71B7" so if possible can Taptun and/or you please look in to this and get back to me. # Brightness: My brightness controls dont work. Both controls( Fn+F7 or F8) or using the application in the guide. ( What must be causing this, i also wanted a fix this !) # HDMI: When i connect my HDMI cable, the screen goes blank for a second then comes back. In display it does see "LG TV" but even thought i try mirror or not, all resolution there is no display on the TV, more like there is no signal, but the laptop can see the TV, otherwise it would not have said "LG TV" (wanted to fix this but i guess i will have to wait till my audio) if fix available please let me know! NB: The smbios.plist used by me (obtained from Mammoth V1.5 Boot CD) was "MacBookPro6,2" Also attached are the images showing the OS X desktop. One is a screenshot, one of my laptop showing the desktop. Once Again Thanks to Mammoth,NIxin,Taptun and Mald0n! And all the other people that made this possible. It is the most stable system I have ever had. Thanks to Mammoth for On-the-fly editing of files since it is all USB based. Hope to get everything fixed soon so that i can use this as my main machine!
  13. @Mammoth, I would like to apologise since i felt bad as well. sorry! misunderstanding happen and it is human nature! i tried the link you gave me! no dice! so ive created two MIID's, One with the default smbios.plist that you provided and one from v1.5 that works. So i will use the v1.5 smbios.plist to install and from 1st boot use the default one. dont know if you get me!! but yeah
  14. As you say then, i will wait for your guide but also try Mammoths and give him feedback. I hope there i no popping sound with your method. EDIT: tried MacBookPro5,4 - P8700 plist. still get the same error. it seems to be the bootloader. Anyway to fix this Mammoth? I really prefer mammoths method!
  15. But doesnt MacbookPro5,4 cause pops in audio? thats the whole reason i wanted to use MacPro3,1