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  1. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but when searching, I have found mixed answers to this. Is it possible to switch between the 2 graphics cards when using BootCamp on a MacBook Pro (unibody) even though it can only be done in OSX, or is it impossible to use anything but the 9600 in Windows? Found this on the nVidia site: Apple's hybrid graphics technology is supported under the MacOS X operating system version 10.5.5 and higher only. When running Microsoft's Windows XP™ or Microsoft's Windows Vista™ using Apple's Boot Camp, the system locks into higher performance mode which uses the Geforce 9600M GT discrete GPU for all graphics related tasks and can not be changed to use the Geforce 9400M motherboard GPU for battery life mode. Is it really true? For me who wants to use the MBP for work and not gaming, it is a big disadvantage, as the 9600 probably uses more power and genrates more heat....
  2. improwise

    Is BootCamp ready for Windows these days?

    Which Windows are you using, Vista?
  3. I am considering buying a MBP 17" because its the best laptop around, but due to my job, I will mainly be using Windows on it. So, my simple but perhaps not so simple question....is BootCamp "ready" for Windows now so much that it is a real alternative to a "real PC". I am a power user and a software developer, so ready means more than just that I will be able to install windows and start MS Word... There are multiple posts on the net about track pad issues, screen problems etc, but usually it's only the people with problems that do most of the posting, so it is a bit hard to decide how frequent problems are. I had a MBP about 2 years ago when BootCamp was in final beta, and it worked, but there was quite a few issues to deal with regarding drivers, and also regarding keymapping etc, which required a very "active user" to deal with.... I'll mainly be using Vista/Windows 2008