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  1. Thanks Mac Son of Knife! The problem is that I do everything remotely, I have a pc in the server room to which I connect via Teamviewer from my mac, and of course the F-keys don't work It does boot but it stucks at the boot with timeout on the disk, but it doesn't matter because I could get a SLS vm installed in fusion and then migrated to the ESXi with the standalone converter. After a quick edit of the vmx file it's up and running! Now I need to look into the 10.6.0 -> 10.6.4 upgrade...
  2. Hi all first thanks for all the effort and hats off for the amazing results. I have a supermicro X7DB8 with two Xeon E5420, I used to run Leopard Server 10.5.8 VM inside ESX4.0 just fine (but I installed so long ago I forgot the details). Today I moved to ESXi 4.1 with the intention to install 10.6 Server. I maybe missing something, I uploaded and installed the darwin310 package, made a freebsd64 vm and run it once, edited the vmx (attached), pressed F8 at boot and entered rd(0,1)/legacy_kernel -v -f -x, but I get the ACPI error immediately (see screenshot). What I am doing wrong? The image is retail SLS disk, I can try to map the physical dvdrom or rerip it but it works fine in Fusion. Thanks in advance for your help MacOSX_Server_10.6.txt
  3. hi all, I tried to install the new safari 4 beta for Leopard on Snow Leo (10A261), but it failed. Do you know the version numbers? Is it worth upgrading to the new beta?
  4. mow

    Snow Leopard first impression

    Bad News: Quicksilver dies silently; SafariLeopard4preview does not install on top of Safari4SnowLeopard, but the latter lacks the quicklook-style flow history; EVE online crash (cider error, but I don't know if it is the same under leopard - macbook 1.83 here) Quicktime 7.6 (257.9) expires on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 9AM (look in about screen) almost forgot: VMWare Fusion DOES NOT work! 1.1 and 2.0, tried a clean install, hangs on startup (icon in dock, no triangle) Good News: Ableton Live, PS CS3, FM9, RW4 all work. Mail has Exchange2003/2007 option on account creation page I couldn't reproduce Xcode and finder renaming bugs reported above, so far for me everything is fine.
  5. Solved. What I did: 1) Using my macbook, installed OS X Server on a partition of an external USB/FW disk, using either a burned DVD-DL or a image restored to another partition 2) Took out the HD from my g4, put it into a FW/USB disk (the disk contains an Apple Partition Map 3) Boot off the install DVD, using the Disk utility to restore the installed server on the G4's HD WITHOUT CHANGING the partition scheme 4) Put the back the HD and voila' Well..it's painfully slow. Really. So slow it makes me feel guilty to ever tried to do such a foolish thing. But hey - I got the coolest home mac server ever! Plus I think I just can be the only guy on earth who can show this: DOHA!!
  6. Not at all, my g4 runs tiger server just fine, FTP/Web/ARD/Mail everything 24/7 100%. Now, I want leopard, and since everybody is reporting speed increases, why it should be different? Anyway, let's imagine I go out and buy a 1Ghz G4 for my PM, will I be able to run Leo on that? I meet the reqs, but there's something wrong with the APT disks apparently. btw, what you mean with firmware revisions? can you please elaborate?
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to install Leopard Server on a G4 400 Mhz. Booting off on my Macbook, I can't install on the G4 (via FW Target mode) coz it complains on installing on an Apple Partition Map disk, asking for a GUID disk. But, if I switch the G4 disk to GUID, it won't be 'able to boot! What's the trick here? I'll try to boot off a FW disk with Leo Server installed on it and then clone it, but does it mean that Leo Server can't be installed on a APT disk? I also need to try to boot hte G4 with a patched DVD, but I'm still working on it.
  8. mow


    Seems to me that is the new GoogleEarth that has been fixed to work with all Leopard builds, worked in 9a499 and now in 500n
  9. mow

    Adium on 9A499

    Even the beta suffers from the same bug.
  10. mow

    9a499 first thoughts?

    No preview for Keynote/Pages files, nor Quicklook. Google Earth still not working, skype is fine. Filemaker still broken (8.5, I hope in 9.0). Application Enhancer works, The Bad APE doesn't. Photoshop CS3 runs fine. Nobody noticed that Mail can do RSS now? Or maybe I missed it in the last builds?
  11. mow

    Trim down Vista installation

    \Windows 7.2 Gb \Pagefile.sys 2.06 Gb \hiberfil.sys 1.97 Gb \Program Files 1.02 Gb \MSOCache 498 Mb (it's office temp dir) \Sys Vol Info 300 mb \Users 263 Mb and so on..note so little space for actual user data!! To be more specific: \Windows\winsxs 3.31 Gb -Backup 359 Mb then hundreds of dirs starting with x86_microsoft_windows of size between 125 and 10 Mb \Windows\System32 2.27 Gb -Driverstore 819 Mb -Speech 203 Mb -config 124 Mb 306 Mb of Fonts 276 Mb of assembly (??) etc etc
  12. Hi all, I had succes in installing Vista latest beta on my macbook (using the nice hiding method). I devoted 13Gb to windows, and now after Office12 install I'm running out of space (Vista is by far the most hard drive space sucker OS I've ever seen). Now what can I safely remove? How can I save some space for my precious apps?