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  1. skeewiff

    Installing Leopard

    john119 Try with the dvd inside
  2. skeewiff

    Installing Leopard

    Installed the post script patch works just remember deselect all options (including langauges) in the installation screen .But now I can only boot Leopard with the dvd inside. Any help?
  3. skeewiff

    Installing Leopard

    I think so, Thanx rofl
  4. skeewiff

    Language Pack nachinstallieren?

    Mit Pacifist
  5. It happened to me with an Usb soundcard before.
  6. Hi uphuck tried to install rev 2 of your Dvd burned at low speed (x2) two times but I can´t get to install it Apple logo forbidden sign. I could install it the first version flawless. Asrock775i Motherboard: working Via sound left channel patch Pentium 4 Prescott AtiRadeon 9550 AGP: QE/CI working (editing ID) Belkin wireless PCI board: working (Ralink drivers) Trust webcam: working (macam)
  7. skeewiff

    ALC655 + VIA8237R stereo fix

    Anyone having problems with the volume slide bar not workin´?
  8. wyzemoro this error happened to me too just mark the removeCPUPowermanagment.kext and hopefully it´ll boot.
  9. Romantic - Walter Meego
  10. Just check in the installation you mark the removeCPUPowermanagement.kext
  11. skeewiff

    Instalando Uphuck 10.4.9

    Hola sonyador debo decirte que yo tengo más o menos tus mismas especificaciones y consegui instalar la nueva version de uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i sólo tienes k asegurarte de marcar la opción removeCpuPowermangement.kext y veras como te va. Suerte
  12. Carlos do u have spanish languaje in this release? One more question: QE/CI appears in system profiler as supported but I haven´t flip and water effects in dashboard/widgets but i can run the screensavers and frontrow ok, what´s happennin´? I edited my AtiRadeon9700.kext loke I always did with my Ati radeon 9550. Don´t know what´s wrong.
  13. I´ve managed to install it succesfully! Great release Uphuck! very fast!! Just for those without HPET remember tick the removeCPUPowermanagment.kext and it´ll do the job. When tryin´ to add the NTFS-3g support my NTFS partition wasn´t recognized. One last question: this release includes spanish languaje or not? If not, How can I install it?.
  14. I´ve installed this release but got kernel panic! My motherboard is Asrock 775i, I´ve been installing all the releases without a problem, I´ll try again later. Meanwhile I´m downloading tubgirl´s 10.4.10 dvd from the pirate.