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  1. Hello All, Thinking about buying this exact setup to see if it will work but, before I do so, does anyone know for sure if the dual display will work on the 9800GTX+ following the lifehacker instructions? I recently purchased two 23" displays and then realized (much to my dismay) that my macbook pro can only really run one (without USB video cards or the like) So, I figured, why not spend some money and get myself a sexy little hack(but not really)intosh running? That being said, I'd hate to spend upwards of 600 dollars (I already have a bunch of parts) just to find that my dreams of dual display OSXing are equally unattainable. And I know, this is probably posted somewhere but I looked around and couldn't find it. Plus, I figure, with the number of people in this tread running the exact setup I hope to get, one of you must be running dual displays. Thanks, Tim
  2. Laptop For Trade?

    Nevermind everybody Posting this from my brand new MacBook. wish they made the macbook pro in 13.3" but, alas, I had to compromise. I love it though. Now if I could only convince the focus to follow the mouse...
  3. Laptop For Trade?

    Hey Guys, I really don't like my laptop anymore becuase it's a beefy {censored} and I can't carry it anywhere with me anyway. I'd love to trade it in for a 12" powerbook, would anybody on here be interested? Specs: Dell Inspiron 1100 15.1" display 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 Processor 512 MB of RAM 40 Gig Hard Drive Intel Integrated Graphics 2 USB 2.0 Slots SVideo Out 2 PC Card Slots 56k Modem Currently loaded with OS X, however I can put any version of windows (98, 2000, XP, 2k3, Longhorn, etc.) or any variant of linux (I'll even get it configured for you) on there. The laptop is in perfect condition, never been dropped or abused. This trade also includes two dell power supplys (I had one for home and one for work, before this damn laptop gave me back problems bringing it to work) I'll even throw in a wireless card for the PC Card Slot too. Let me know. I need a lighter laptop!! -Tim Oh, I also have a vast array of PC parts from memory to DVD burners, TV Tuner cards.. anything basically. So if you're interested in anything else for a better trade feel free to let me know. I also have a 30 GB iPod I might be willing to throw in for a good enough 12" PowerBook -Tim
  4. Just got it installed but.. she's sexy, don't lie