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  1. iPC OSx86 Leopard 10.5.6 build, AMD processor I did it when this iPC build first came out, so that would maybe be a couple of years ago? Consequently, much of the technical memories and install factoids have been wiped from my mental hard disk. A few months ago, I got a kernal panic and rebooted. When it came back up, my OSX build had a very dibilitating condition. It's been like this ever since. - The dock bar is gone. - Any folders, disk images, and .dmg files on my desktop have no visible icons, though the names are still there. - Any attempts to open any folders, drives, images on the desktop - basically anything that would open in a finder window - does not work. - Also, the finder is completely gone. So, like, no finder. I run my applications from the Recent Items in the top-right corner Apple menu and also via Spotlight. It's hilarious. This is no way to live. I figure the best way to fix it would be to reinstall OSX, but it's hard to evacuate my files and documents without a finder. It's also hard to install new programs that would help me develop workarounds. It's not like I've been working in this impossible state this whole time, the machine has a separate drive that I have XP installed on. But sometimes I need something on my mac drive and it would be quite handy if the thing would work. Thoughts? Help? Please?